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Critical Praise

“May this story bring hope to anyone who has suffered tragedy. There is life after loss. It comes after a monsoon of tears. But it comes.”
      — from the foreword by Max Lucado

“As a journalist, I believe in the transformative power of storytelling. TAYLOR’S GIFT is an exquisite example of the power to move people...the power to heal...the power to inspire through a breathtaking story.”
      — Juju Chang, correspondent, ABC News “Nightline”

“Tara and Todd Storch share their story so openly that you will be inspired no matter what circumstances are in your life. I love how TAYLOR’S GIFT shows the blessings that can come if you have hope and follow your purpose.”
      — Roger Staubach, former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and executive chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas

“The Storches are a truly amazing and inspiring family! They show beautifully how faith and hope can bring you through the toughest of times. TAYLOR’S GIFT clearly shows that there can be a purpose in the pain.”
      — Carly Patterson, Olympic gold medalist

“This is a book about love on so many levels. How grieving parents turned their anguish into joy by seeing their daughter live through others.”
      — Cynthia Izaguirre, WFAA-TV news anchor

“Todd and Tara Storch are a true inspiration. Their story is amazing and touching. This book promotes faith, family, and the gift of life. Taylor was a special person and her spirit will live on forever. This book has been a gift that has changed my life. It will change yours too.”
     — Jarrett Payton, ESPN analyst, radio personality

“Tara and Todd’s courage and strength in the face of tragedy are an inspiration to us all. The entire Storch family’s dedication to Taylor’s memory and Taylor’s gift makes them my heroes.”
      — Ann Lopez, kidney donor

“In TAYLOR’S GIFT, the Storches are an example of an ordinary family that experienced an extraordinary and tragic event. The Storch family transitioned from grieving to becoming a shining example of giving the ultimate gift of life all over the world.”
      — Everson Walls, NFL all-pro, kidney donor

“In TAYLOR’S GIFT, Todd and Tara Storch take us inside the agony of losing a child. But more than that, they take us inside the unexpected joy that comes in seeing God use the worst thing we can imagine for good, helping us to believe he will do that in our lives too.”

"TAYLOR'S GIFT portrays the hope that comes with blazing new trails in an age of modern miracles."
      — Booklist