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Storm Warning


Storm Warning

David Bell has made a fine career for himself writing top-notch psychological thrillers that seem to be conceived from the collective nightmares of his readers. His latest effort is no exception.

For those who have never experienced a hurricane or other natural disaster, STORM WARNING will be a rollercoaster ride of fear and thrills. For those who live in an area that is subject to massive hurricanes, like Florida, this story will play on your worst imaginations of “what if” as you turn each page watching the exploits of Jake Powell, who is unable to leave his barrier island as a Category 5 hurricane heads directly toward him and his unstable, unsafe apartment complex.

"STORM WARNING is an outstanding novel from David Bell, who continues to pump out superior thrillers that always surprise."

Jake has been living in Florida for six months on his own, taking a planned break from his estranged wife and daughter, who are in Ohio. He finally has decided to return home and try again with his wife. So on his last day in Florida, he leaves work early in an effort to avoid the oncoming storm. Unfortunately, like the best-laid plans of mice and men, it doesn’t work out the way he had hoped.

Before Jake departs, he meets with his best friend and building manager, Dallas, to say goodbye. There are only a handful of tenants left in the building as it has been purchased by a new owner who intends to rebuild the entire complex. Dallas will ride out the storm before relocating to Chicago, where a new job awaits him. Jake steps out to get his bags for the trip, but when he returns, he sees a lifeless Dallas lying on the floor with a large gaping head wound. He is unable to revive him and soon learns that whoever killed him also has stolen the master keys to the entire building.

Once Jake arrives at the police station, he is disappointed to find that all of their efforts are focused on the hurricane. Any murder investigation will have to wait until the storm has passed and recovery efforts are complete. Jake now realizes that he must put off going to Ohio for the moment. When a second homicide occurs, it is clear that a killer is in their midst. Much like an Agatha Christie mystery, the guilty party has to be one of the remaining tenants of the nearly abandoned building.

STORM WARNING is an outstanding novel from David Bell, who continues to pump out superior thrillers that always surprise.

Reviewed by Ray Palen on July 13, 2024

Storm Warning
by David Bell