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Someone Always Knows: A Sharon McCone Mystery


Someone Always Knows: A Sharon McCone Mystery

Marcia Muller is known for creating one of fiction's first hard-boiled female detectives. EDWIN OF THE IRON SHOES, published in 1977, began this long-running series starring Sharon McCone. Both author and protagonist have been entertaining and delighting readers ever since. SOMEONE ALWAYS KNOWS is book 32 in the series, and while a bit slower paced than many, it is still a good read and sure to hold your attention until the end.

Perhaps because of Sharon's humble beginnings as an investigator for All Souls Legal Cooperative, she is never quite comfortable in her more upscale surroundings and the accouterments that success has provided. For example, having lost all of their possessions in an arson fire that destroyed their home, Sharon and her husband are forced to replace everything: “...and we indulged ourselves in a fit of crass consumerism that nauseates me to this very day.”

"Watching Sharon and her team unravel the surrounding mysteries makes for another satisfying adventure."

Success and marriage to Hy Ripinsky brought more than affluence into her life; Hy proved time and time again to be invaluable in helping her solve cases. His attraction to her was obvious from the beginning, and it's been fun watching their relationship develop over the years. Now the lovers, best friends and business partners have launched their own company, complete with a high-rise office building and an original work of art decorating the entrance.

The first inkling that launch day for McCone & Ripinsky International will not go as smoothly as planned is the unveiling of the sculpture on the front of the building. It is definitely not Flavio St. John's best work of art. In fact, the giant clam shell-like piece, according to Hy, “is as ugly as my aunt Stella Sue's butt.”

Then comes Sharon's run-in with Jill Starkey, her longtime nemesis, who is the reporter and owner/editor of a dreadful right-wing rag called The Other Shoe. (No, there are never any dreadful left-wing rags.) Jill promises to print all the gossip and rumors she can find or create in order to make Sharon's life miserable.

Finally, adding to the day's drama is the appearance of Gage Renshaw, a former colleague of Hy's who had disappeared after the murder of his partner, Dan Kessell, which remains unsolved. Gage is angry and bent on vengeance but refuses to reveal what is behind his threats.

As Hy leaves town on a secret mission for the FBI, Sharon is left to follow up on Gage's threats and help a young friend acquire an abandoned house to renovate for her company, Natural Habitat Associates. Assisting Sharon are many familiar family members and friends. The dynamic among the characters is unique. Each one is memorable from previous episodes, and each brings a particular talent to the group.

Needless to say, nothing is ever as simple as it may seem. Watching Sharon and her team unravel the surrounding mysteries makes for another satisfying adventure.

Reviewed by Maggie Harding on July 8, 2016

Someone Always Knows: A Sharon McCone Mystery
by Marcia Muller

  • Publication Date: July 25, 2017
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1455527963
  • ISBN-13: 9781455527960