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Critical Praise

"A whodunit with substance and suspense…Price is known for terrific dialogue, and there are moments when you feel as if you are listening to [his characters] speak, not just reading words on a page…It's the most interesting kind of mystery–one in which the villain is not so easy to spot even when we know who committed the crime."--- USA Today"Engaging…provocative…Price has a fine ear for the subtle tension between sentimentality and real devotion, and he understands the way that chronic black poverty plays into the needs of 'the selflessly selfish.' If this is a novel that raps the knuckles of a helping hand, it's nonetheless one to grab on to."--- The Christian Science Monitor"Giving new meaning to the term "inner city," Price yields up not just the familiar, blanched moonscape of urban blight but the inner lives and jackhammering hearts of those who pace and patrol it."--- The New Yorker"A dream of a book…a supremely suspenseful novel (with a denouement that will leave you marveling at how artfully the author kept us from guessing the perpetrator's identity), but to call it a thriller would be selling it short. Part police procedural, part high-wire psychodrama, part social study, it's a wholly engrossing hybrid that packs an emotional wallop…."--- Entertainment Weekly