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Rapid Falls


Rapid Falls

Cara Piper was just one year older than her sister, Anna, and almost as pretty. But almost wasn’t good enough for Cara. She wanted top billing. Anna always seemed to try to outshine Cara. Growing up, Cara’s little sister stole the spotlight whenever she could, took Cara’s things at every chance, craved their parents’ attention --- and got it. But now it was Cara’s turn. And in her senior year of high school, she felt like she had it all. On her graduation night, in true Rapid Falls tradition, Cara and the rest of her class --- along with much of the town’s other youth --- partied hearty at the Field. She was there with Jesse, her boyfriend. Jesse had killer good looks, and he was all hers.

Cara had their entire lives mapped out: college together from here, marriage after that. In fact, she halfway expected he would propose that evening. It was shaping up to be quite a night. Oh, it was. Just not in the way Cara had hoped. Far from it. Tragedy struck when the celebration ended with Jesse dead and Anna accused of felony DUI. Drugs and alcohol were found in her blood. Anna had promised to be the designated driver. Instead, she had driven the truck into the river, and Jesse died.

"Amber Cowie proves herself a master at pacing and suspense.... Realization comes almost agonizingly slowly, leaving you constantly hungering for what will happen next."

Now, nearly 20 years later, Cara has a devoted husband, Rick; a young daughter, Maggie; and a good career. After the accident that night, Cara left Rapid Falls, hoping never to return. But her sister keeps her connected to the past, and to her hometown. Anna served her prison sentence and was released, yet continues to have frequent run-ins with the law. She can’t seem to kick the booze and drugs, but then relies on Cara to bail her out whenever she falls again. Over and over.

How long will Rick put up with the constant interruptions in their lives? Will Cara ever be free of Anna? She knows what happened that night, even if Anna can’t quite remember. Oh yes, she knows. After all, Cara lost the love of her life. Her sister took him away from her. Anna may have paid her debt to society, but she still owes Cara. And for Cara, it will be a lifelong debt. Don’t underestimate the power of sisterly love --- or the opposite of it.

Author Amber Cowie proves herself a master at pacing and suspense. She feeds you the details of that long-ago night in tantalizingly relaxed increments, just enough at a time that one or two more hairs stand up on the back of your neck with each revelation. Realization comes almost agonizingly slowly, leaving you constantly hungering for what will happen next.

RAPID FALLS is a story not of redemption but a reminder to always follow your instincts. We have instincts for a reason. Don’t ignore them. Keep in mind that everyone lies. Remember that, and never turn a blind eye when something doesn’t feel right. Never. This book will etch that lesson into your mind as it entirely captures your imagination and reacquaints you with the feeling of goosebumps.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on December 14, 2018

Rapid Falls
by Amber Cowie