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No One Knows


No One Knows

Regarding this page-turning thriller, I’ve heard comparisons to GONE GIRL and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, and there’s no argument here. Both of those novels are full of twists and turns, not to mention psychological suspense. With NO ONE KNOWS, J.T. Ellison proves that she is masterful at creating a powerful story of harrowing switchbacks.

It started five years ago, when Aubrey Hamilton and her husband, Josh, headed out for a weekend of fun at his best friend’s wedding. They got to the hotel where the festivities were to take place, split up for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and then Josh simply vanished. A frantic Aubrey went looking for him. She looked everywhere. His friends looked for him. The cops looked for him. Oh, sure, there were signs of Josh, but none of them positive.

"With NO ONE KNOWS, J.T. Ellison proves that she is masterful at creating a powerful story of harrowing switchbacks."

The five years since have turned into some kind of hell for Aubrey. First, she was arrested, then tried for his murder, and all along vilified by the community and even some members of her family --- most notably her mother-in-law, Daisy. That woman hated her from day one. But, worst of all for Aubrey, she lost Josh, her long-time soul mate. Together since they were children, Aubrey can’t imagine a life without him. Now, his mother wants to have him declared dead. Daisy has already petitioned the state, and the state has agreed. So it’s official. Gradually, the horrifying reality settles over Aubrey. Her husband is dead. At least on paper. She might as well face it. Quit living in the past, her friends urge her, and move on. For her part, Aubrey just wants Josh back. In fact, she wants that so badly that she sees him around town. But she must be wrong. Everyone says so, including her therapist.

The events of that fateful evening slowly unfold. We, as readers, learn a little bit at a time. Were they as happy as Aubrey thought? Thinking about it, she had a fairly troubled childhood. Many a time, though, Josh was there to save her. Her knight in shining armor. But how gallant was he, really? And that mother of his, she’s a genuine piece of work. Josh must have been torn between what Daisy demanded and his own love for Aubrey. Well, whether he was or not, Daisy had a will of steel and plenty of underhanded tricks.

But back to that weekend. It should have been two days of high entertainment, a special escape for them, but it even started out poorly. Maybe Josh was rushing to make up for them being late or perhaps it was just an accident. Okay, it was only a fender-bender; still, though, it was very unnerving and Aubrey’s lip required stitches. It caused them to be about an hour late. But they could still put things back on track. Once they got to the hotel, Aubrey shooed Josh off to the bachelor party, assuring him she would get them checked in. Looking back, though, was she in on his disappearance, or as much a victim of that night as everyone else?

It’s now been five years. Her husband has been declared dead. Time to move on. But just as Aubrey meets someone she thinks might be worth letting down her guard for, new information trickles in that threatens to derail her once again. Oh, the deceit in this one. Plus, there are so many dark secrets, NO ONE KNOWS.

Reviewed by Kate Ayers on March 25, 2016

No One Knows
by J.T. Ellison