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Night and Day: An Eve Duncan Novel


Night and Day: An Eve Duncan Novel

Prolific author Iris Johansen continues her Eve Duncan series on the heels of her previous bestseller, HIDE AWAY. NIGHT AND DAY extends Eve’s disappointment in the finale of the former, when she realizes that Natalie Castino has recaptured her daughter, Cara Delaney, from Eve’s protective care. 

Eve had taken the 11-year-old to Scotland, to the site of an archaeological dig for ancient treasure in the form of a chest of gold coins. Her adopted grown daughter, Jane, works with Lord John MacDuff to find the gold pieces, attributed to Cira, a romantic figure from epochs long gone. Highland mist works against the group, its heavy blanket covering treacherous paths around the deep Loch Gaelkar. Eve surrounds Cara with family and friends, who she knows will keep the child from her drug-lord father’s goons and those of his chief rival, Salazar. Salazar had kidnapped Cara, her sister Jenny, and her nursemaid, Elena. Escaping with the girls, Elena had protected them both from harm. Tragically, though, Jenny had been killed by the pursuers, after which Elena left Cara in Eve’s care. Protective Services seeks to return Cara to her Mexican family, but evidence points to Natalie’s involvement in the kidnappings and murders. 

"Johansen’s artistry in writing dangerous and deeply troubled characters flourishes in NIGHT AND DAY.... Rooted in strong personalities that are often clashing, Johansen’s latest successful effort will keep fans happy."

Natalie drugs Cara and flies to Moscow, where her powerful father, a Russian Mafia overlord, wields heavy influence. Besides, he is the child’s grandfather by blood. Natalie sets Cara up in a coach house behind the main mansion, guarded by Khaskovo’s most trusted henchman. She visits the main house when Kaskov wishes her to play the violin for him. He relishes music and reminds her that Jenny had once serenaded him with piano choices. Natalie grows restless, concocting a plot to rid herself of Cara and grab all of Cira’s gold treasure. 

Meanwhile, Eve, who is recovering from her injuries while trying to rescue Cara from Natalie, has discovered that she is pregnant. Joe Quinn, her life partner and father-to-be, is overjoyed by the news. But he promises to secure Cara for Eve, knowing that the two have a growing affection. Cara, even at the young age of 11, has vowed to keep Eve safe, but now she needs to be freed. An army of family, friends and business associates comes to aid Eve and Joe. Jane and Lord John offer all resources at the site, the Laird’s contacts back in Glasgow and his trusted young associate, Jock Gavin. Jock’s friendship with Cara has bloomed into a familial one of older brother to little sister. Deep down, he knows that the friendship has the potential for much more down the road. 

Johansen’s artistry in writing dangerous and deeply troubled characters flourishes in NIGHT AND DAY. Jock’s childhood, marred by a sinister master named O’Reilly, emerges with emotion and feeling for Cara. When she is in danger, his training in the killing arts overcomes his gentle side. Seth’s attribute is his family history and gift of blood manipulation, an eerie trait that overpowers Jane. She desires intimacy with him but fears for her emotional stability. Both men live up to the challenge of rescuing Cara and Eve from a grizzly death Natalie plans for them. 

Concealing her plan from Kaskov, Natalie influences Cara’s guard with sexual and monetary promises. Wily and conniving, her character is the ultimate in subterfuge. She reels from the childhood knowledge of her father’s preference for her musically gifted brother over her. She resents him for playing favorites with her own talented daughters, loathing Cara for the gift of music. Johansen writes her as a jilted witch, evil to the core. 

NIGHT AND DAY keeps moving over the globe, from California to Scotland to Moscow, Russia. We learn a little about archaeological digs in Scottish moors, lochs and highlands. Some ancient folklore entertains us with scenarios from Jane’s dream memories. And we awaken to drug cartel and mafia brutality. Rooted in strong personalities that are often clashing, Johansen’s latest successful effort will keep fans happy.

Reviewed by Judy Gigstad on August 5, 2016

Night and Day: An Eve Duncan Novel
by Iris Johansen

  • Publication Date: July 19, 2016
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN-10: 1250075831
  • ISBN-13: 9781250075833