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Lovers & Players


Lovers & Players

LOVERS & PLAYERS should be the official publicity tagline for
all Jackie Collins novels past, present and future. Her characters
are quintessential lovers and players --- bed hopping,
pill-popping tycoons, models and heiresses who engage in scandalous
love affairs and illicit business deals --- and we love it.

In a live television interview in Atlanta in February 2006, Collins
said, "I'm passionate about writing. I love what I do." It shows.
Collins has written 24 books, with over 400 million copies in print
in forty different languages. Although her books are fiction, she
"writes about the world she sees around her…I write about
places I go." What a captivating life, or shall I say social
circle, that Collins has built around herself, privy to Hollywood
stars and starlets, marriages and divorces, studs and

Collins's writing style leaves little to the imagination. In fact
we love her graphic and juicy details. LOVERS & PLAYERS is not
as explicit as some of her previous novels and everlasting love is
elusive, but Collins's indulgent wild flings and racy bachelor and
bachelorette party scenes are much more her style.

Only in a salacious Jackie Collins novel does a virgin New York
heiress indulge in a night of unbridled passion with a sexy man she
picks up in a Manhattan nightclub at her bachelorette party ---
only to find out that he is her fiancé's younger brother just
arrived from Italy. "He had the look, the sexy bad-boy look that
women always seemed to go for." How could Amy Scott-Simon resist?
This is why I love Collins's novels so much. The heroines make bold
moves, they have millions to rely on, and they go after the man
they want.

We get to know the Diamond dynasty patriarch and media mogul Red
Diamond intimately, "for when it came to sex, he was insatiable,
preying on any woman he could." His predatory nature, with a little
help from Viagra, led him to "conquer, marry and destroy" three
wives, a singer, Lady Bentley and a harem of prostitutes. Each wife
bore him a son, whom he ruthlessly undermines personally and
professionally. Each son hates his father, but "when Red Diamond
calls, everybody runs."

Red Diamond summons his sons to his Manhattan brownstone for a
mysterious meeting. Despite being raised by a "mean and cruel
tyrant," the three very successful and, of course, lethally
handsome brothers reunite and become a closely knit trio as they
each battle Red's control over their history, addictions, love
lives and high-stakes business deals. Tangled sheets, Russian
prostitutes, Vegas gangsters and a raucous bachelor party, complete
with pole dancing, lap dances and so much more, is at the heart of
this family dynasty's troubles.

As if Collins didn't have enough scandal involving the Diamond
brothers --- Max, the real estate tycoon engaged to an heiress;
Chris, the powerful L.A. entertainment lawyer with a gambling debt
in Vegas; and Jett, the hot male model working and playing in Milan
--- she tangles the sheets provocatively with an array of other
characters who spice up this week of events in Manhattan.

Since anything is possible in a Jackie Collins novel, get ready for
the instant stardom of Liberty, a bi-racial coffee shop waitress
and aspiring singer who goes from coffee server to cover model to a
record deal to "The Tonight Show," and, who through a twist of
fate, finds herself an heiress. Even more unbelievable is her
relationship with a hip-hop record mogul, Damon P. Donnell, who
"had it all --- looks, power, money, not to mention a fleet of
Ferraris and, to top it all off, his own plane." Behind his Versace
shades, Damon is a married player who says, "live
dangerously or you're not livin' at all." Liberty's refusal to be a
player when it comes to Damon forces him to evaluate whether
he wants to be a lover or a player.

The female lovers and players comprise their own dynasty of power
and passion. Amy Scott-Simon debates between her ten-carat
engagement ring and the brother who gave it to her, and the brother
she is in love with. Her wealthy Grandma Poppy, who was a lover
and a player
, advises, "If.…is the man for you, then you
must follow your heart, dear, follow your heart. Otherwise you
could spend the rest of your life regretting it."

Mariska, Sonja and Lady Bentley are strong women who face the mob,
the tyrant and the paparazzi. One of them is found in a pool of
blood in her bed --- the life of the rich and famous, Jackie
Collins-style. Italian supermodel Gianna, "a fun-loving, sex-mad
goddess," makes an entrance wherever she goes and thoroughly enjoys
being a player. No man could resist Gianna when she strode
toward him like "a magnificent panther --- sleek, naked, and ready
for action."

Nobody writes about the rich and famous, sex, scandal and secrets
better than Jackie Collins. Her characters are billionaires, not
mere millionaires. Diamonds are an heiress's best friend in
Manhattan, a city where prostitutes think they are "therapists to
very rich men." Money, inheritance, fateful meetings, lovers and
players make Collins's newest novel more than sensational --- it's
living dangerously at its best.

Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on January 7, 2011

Lovers & Players
by Jackie Collins

  • Publication Date: February 7, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 512 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN-10: 0312341776
  • ISBN-13: 9780739464823