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Critical Praise

"Writing with crystalline radiance...Adam starts out with the basics, land and family, and strips away our simplistic notions of a bucolic tradition to reveal a universe of hidden and dire complexities."

——Donna Seaman, Ruminator Review

"Simply stated, Love and Country, a first novel by Christina Adam, is a beautiful book." The article concludes by calling the tale a "poignant and insightful picture of remote western towns and the often overlooked complexity of the people who live there."

——Denver Post

"Love and Country is a swift and beautifully written novel about the modern West and the many kinds of trouble that can be found there. At the heart of the story, which feels at once contemporary and timeless, is a boy's attempt to grow up in a world without fathers. Christina Adam writes with authority and grace about these small lives and gives them, through her writing, the importance they deserve."

——Kevin Canty

"Tender and evocative...Love and Country is a story of the American spirit and individualism...The image of Lenna dancing with her son's hero in a country-western bar in the middle of nowhere is as simple and poignant a moment of desire as one can find in modern fiction."

——Diane Molberg, San Francisco Chronicle