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Jesus: Why the World is Still Fascinated by Him

About the Book

Jesus: Why the World is Still Fascinated by Him

Of the more than thirteen billion people who have ever lived on the earth, why does the one named Jesus Christ draw so much attention --- more attention than any other person? Jesus Christ has served as the inspiration for more literature, more music, and more works of art than any other person in history. Our calendar has been set according to His birth and the year of His execution. In certain settings, the mere mention of His name is cause for controversy. The Biblical account of His life, death and resurrection continues to inspire the faith of some and the skepticism of others. He is loved. He is despised. But today, over 2000 years after His life and death, He is never ignored.

What is it about this former carpenter from an obscure village that many find so compelling? In his new book, JESUS: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him, best-selling author Tim LaHaye examines that question, incorporating the responses of both those who willingly risk ridicule and even death to shout His praises and those who are obsessed with trying to undermine the historical basis of His story. “Despite ever evolving cultural changes and notwithstanding media reports to the contrary, Jesus is just as relevant to this generation as He was when He walked the shores of Galilee,” says LaHaye. “It’s clear that twenty centuries after His execution among common thieves, this One who claimed to be the great I AM is anything but a has-been. We live and work in a culture that has been directly influenced by His teachings, a world filled with people trying desperately to inform their opinion of Him.”

LaHaye is perhaps best known as the co-author with Jerry Jenkins of the Left Behind series, with many of the titles reaching the #1 best sellers lists on the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly lists. In recent years, he has been named one of TIME magazine’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals. Like many of his most popular books, JESUS: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him is driven by LaHaye’s astute perception of current events and his crystal clear presentation of theological truth.

After two thousand years, the great expanse between Jesus-lovers and Jesus-rejecters remains deep and wide. LaHaye points out that, love Him or hate Him, Jesus has made the cover of TIME, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report more than two dozen times in the last decade. His book, the Bible, has stood the test of time and continues annually to outsell all other books. The New York Times and other such publications which are responsible for compiling best sellers lists decided long ago to forego the inclusion of the Bible at the number one position each week, apparently due to the redundancy.

In recent years, the New York Times best sellers list has been littered with books attempting to discredit the historical Jesus. LaHaye takes on the assertions set forth in books like THE DA VINCI CODE and MISQUOTING JESUS, peeling back the layers of media adulation and popular acceptance to expose the historical inaccuracies and flawed logic that inspired these titles. In the midst of these controversies, he urges readers to ponder two key questions straight from the mouth of Jesus: Who do men say that I am? Who do you say that I am?

LaHaye is recognized as the author who taught the world to hope for the return of Jesus with the Left Behind series. JESUS: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him is his tribute to Jesus himself. The book will show readers --- no matter their level of faith --- that Jesus can meet the needs of every heart, that He is who he says He is, and that the naysayers of any generation have yet to prove otherwise. As they discover the truth about Him, curious readers will encounter not just the Jesus of history but Jesus: the way, the truth and the life.

JESUS: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him © Copyright 2011 by Dr. Tim LaHaye. Reprinted with permission by David C. Cook. All rights reserved.

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Jesus: Why the World is Still Fascinated by Him
by Tim LaHaye

  • Publication Date: August 1, 2009
  • Genres: Christian, Spirituality
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: David C. Cook
  • ISBN-10: 143476625X
  • ISBN-13: 9781434766250