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It's Raining Men: An Emma Price Mystery


It's Raining Men: An Emma Price Mystery

IT'S RAINING MEN is the third in Naomi Rand's popular Emma Price
mystery series that began with THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY and STEALING
FOR A LIVING. Emma Price is an investigator with the New York
Capital Crimes Unit and the mother of two children: Liam, age 14,
and two-year-old Katie. Though her work is stressful and frenzied,
she gets little help from her philandering ex-husband, Will. He has
a new wife, new children and a new mistress, so when Emma discovers
that 14-year-old Liam is sexually active, Will gives him an "atta
boy" and Emma concludes that men are indeed from Mars.

The positive side of her personal life is her boyfriend, Detective
Sgt. Laurence Solomon, who goes above and beyond to make her life a
little easier.

While Emma's personal life is deftly woven into the story, it is
definitely background for a noir tale that has it "raining men."
For the most part, not very nice men --- starting with the men who
attack her as the story opens, to the one who kills her boss in an
apparent crime of passion; from the convicted murderer on death row
whose appeal she is working on to the high-priced criminal attorney
who snatches the case away from her. As she diligently traces each
clue, she begins to uncover the ugly truth.

The link between Dawn Prescott's death in a seedy motel room and
the murdered family of Arthur Nevins becomes apparent as Emma
discovers the connection among seemingly unrelated people: an
ex-lover of Dawn's, a retired cop turned private eye, a powerful
producer who had an affair with the murdered wife, and a police
lieutenant who epitomizes the image of bad cops. Emma presses on
despite threats from powerful, angry adversaries who have already
killed to cover up their crimes.

Despite an uneven opening that seems more complicated than it needs
to be, Naomi Rand capably handles this intricate story. For a
change of pace from the cozy reads associated with many female
adventures, it's not too late to catch up on this series and get to
know Emma Price.

It's Raining Men: An Emma Price Mystery
by Naomi Rand

  • Publication Date: August 2, 2005
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • ISBN-10: 0060723718
  • ISBN-13: 9780060723712