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Critical Praise

“Sundin (WITH EVERY LETTER) excels at well-researched historical detail. The third novel in the Wings of the Nightingale series takes readers to the European front during the last months of WWII with such accurate depictions of culture and setting that we are fully immersed in the times as well as in the story. Beautiful, flirtatious flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson wants to be a chief nurse so she can escape her charlatan preacher father forever, but her reputation blocks her. Handsome C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper has dreams too, but his supervisor considers him irresponsible. When they meet, she’s searching for purpose, while he’s in need of self-forgiveness. He gives her his beloved Bible and the hope of redemption. Unfortunately, her fiery ways tempt him. As they work together more and more closely, their divergent needs create a cycle of attraction and resistance until, caught behind enemy lines, they must decide how badly they want their dreams to come true, and whether they can help each other achieve them. The strength of relationships forged in war and the apprehension of God in times of trouble infuse this well-crafted novel with substance and light.” 

—Publishers Weekly

“This latest entry in the Wings of the Nightingales is packed with adventure. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Sundin's IN PERFECT TIME features excellent, well-handled descriptions of battle-torn Italy and southern France; they add just the right splash of research and color without taking over the story. Kay and Roger are sympathetic, strong-willed characters who believe in their cause --- and readers will, too.”

—RT Book Reviews, four stars