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Week of September 17, 2018

Paperback releases for the week of September 17th include WHAT HAPPENED, in which Hillary Rodham Clinton reveals what she was thinking and feeling during one of the most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections in history; SLEEPING BEAUTIES, a spectacular father/son collaboration in which Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high-stakes stories: what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men?; SOURDOUGH, Robin Sloan's highly anticipated novel (following MR. PENUMBRA'S 24-HOUR BOOKSTORE) about an overworked and under-socialized software engineer discovering a calling and a community as a baker; and THE BOOK OF SEPARATION by Tova Mirvis, the memoir of a woman who leaves her faith and her marriage and sets out to navigate the terrifying, liberating terrain of a newly mapless world.

Gilly Macmillan, author of I Know You Know

Twenty years ago, 11-year-olds Charlie Paige and Scott Ashby were murdered in the city of Bristol. A man was convicted of the brutal crime, but questions still linger decades later. Filmmaker Cody Swift has been haunted by the deaths of his childhood best friends. Hoping to uncover new evidence, and to encourage those who may be keeping long-buried secrets to speak up, Cody starts a podcast to record his findings. When a long-dead body is found in the same location the boys were left decades before, the disturbing discovery launches another murder investigation.