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How Women Help Men Find God


How Women Help Men Find God

David Murrow first entered the evangelical publishing world with his bestselling book WHY MEN HATE GOING TO CHURCH, which resonated strongly with men and women alike. In this follow-up, HOW WOMEN HELP MEN FIND GOD, Murrow once again writes with wit, style and great wisdom on matters of faith both in general and in particular, and how men view God and the church.

Murrow's spiritual insight into the reasons why men defer (and detest) the modern church scene will astound and surprise women. It will also allow Christian women room for thoughtful consideration on how they impact those men in their lives who they long to see come into a meaningful personal relationship with Christ and grow strong in their day-to-day faith journey.

In this excellent resource, women will discover how church culture is in direct opposition to man culture. In Murrow's words, it's the "church versus man" concept by its very form and style. He is well aware that all too many believing women pray for their men, invest in their sons' lives, serve as witnesses to neighbors and colleagues, only to have their words fall flat or incite little difference into these males' spirituality. What's a woman to do? Murrow unveils how men think and how to effectively tailor church, worship, praying, service, even the church aesthetics, to be more favorable to getting and keeping men engaged.

First off, Murrow tells females that, yes, today's church is losing steam and its men. Even though the upper echelon of leadership is mostly male, between 60 and 70 percent of the typical worship service is female. Sadly, no other religion suffers this huge gender gap as does Christianity. And it's not that men don't believe --- polls show that 90% of men believe in God and five out of six call themselves Christians (while only two of the six attend a church service). So the disjunct must be addressed, and fast, while there's still enough time and men interested in investing in the church at large.

Interestingly, what men hear from the pulpit can edge them toward the exit. Consider how pastors preach on Jesus being loving, tender, gentle and compassionate. Rarely do Christians hear of Jesus being frightening, commanding, stern or zealous. So even though men fill the pulpit, they preach to the females in far greater proportion --- which leads to Murrow's observation of why men are uncomfortable at church.

* Jesus' most famous teachings are the softest ones.
* The doctrine of grace is harder for men to swallow.
* As a congregation matures, masculine values are pushed aside.
* Historically, the church marginalizes laymen.
* The Victorian Era brought an explosion of femininity to the church.
* Western thought has assigned religion to the realm of feelings.

Every one of Murrow's premises rings true, which may leave women discouraged. What can they do to effect change in their own local church? Lots, says Murrow, and he offers women step-by-step suggestions for jump-starting the man-inviting changes to take place at their current house of worship. Thorough and engaging, Murrow has developed another fine resource that will find its way into the hearts and hands of men and women alike (and to the gratitude of them both).


Reviewed by Michele Howe on November 13, 2011

How Women Help Men Find God
by David Murrow

  • Publication Date: May 6, 2008
  • Genres: Christian
  • Paperback: 245 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • ISBN-10: 078522632X
  • ISBN-13: 9780785226321