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Goodnight Sweetheart

About the Book

Goodnight Sweetheart

Can love find a way to overcome hate? A historical drama set against the backdrop of World War II.

When Frankie’s mother dies, she is sent to live with her Aunt Bet in the countryside. Life on their farm is happy --- for a while. But when World War II breaks out, Frankie must help her country by signing up to the women’s branch of the British Army.

Soon, she meets Romare, an American doctor who has come to the UK after facing terrible racism at home. But trouble is stirring in Britain too, and Frankie must prepare for heartbreak. Can love triumph over a history of hate? Or will Frankie and Romare’s love pay the ultimate sacrifice?

An emotional, thought-provoking story that brings to life World War II.

Goodnight Sweetheart
by Pam Weaver