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End-of-the-Year Contest 2020

Congratulations to the winners of our 2020 End-of-the-Year Contest! One Grand Prize winner received all 42 of Carol Fitzgerald's Bets On picks from 2020, while 14 others won a selection of three of these titles. You can see all the winners below, along with 2020's Bets On books.

Week of October 18, 2021

Paperback releases for the week of October 18th include WIN, a thrilling story from Harlan Coben that shows what happens when a dead man's secrets fall into the hands of a vigilante antihero --- drawing him down a dangerous road; ELEANOR, David Michaelis' breakthrough portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt, America’s longest-serving First Lady, an avatar of democracy whose ever-expanding agency as diplomat, activist and humanitarian made her one of the world’s most widely admired and influential women; GOODNIGHT BEAUTIFUL by Aimee Molloy, an irresistible psychological thriller about a newly married woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband goes missing; and Michael Riedel's SINGULAR SENSATION, the extraordinary story of a transformative decade on Broadway, featuring behind-the-scenes accounts of shows such as "Rent," "Angels in America," "Chicago," "The Lion King" and "The Producers" --- shows that changed the history of the American theater.

Goodnight Beautiful by Aimee Molloy

October 2020

GOODNIGHT BEAUTIFUL definitely has Aimee Molloy living up to her moniker as “the master of clever misdirection.” Three times I found myself flipping back through pages wondering, HOW did she fool me?

The book is set in a quiet upstate town. Sam and Annie have relocated there to keep tabs on his mom, who is in an extended care facility suffering from dementia. They want to be able to spend more time with her. For Sam, he has moved back home. He grew up in this sleepy town where he was a bit of a player with the girls in high school. He has returned as a psychotherapist, and his clientele is a group of women who pour out their troubles to him. Unbeknownst to Sam, their conversations can be heard through a vent in the ceiling. And there is listening going on upstairs. Then Sam goes missing, and Annie is left to wonder what happened to him.