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God is in the Hard Stuff

About the Book

God is in the Hard Stuff

Hurricane Katrina Brings Waves of Doubt, Stealing Hope

Critically acclaimed authors, Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, offer timely advice by making a gift of their new book to victims of the natural disaster

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX --- Let's face it... life's a struggle.  Tragedies and challenges, like Hurricane Katrina, occur without warning --- each as different as the lives they affect.  When the unexpected happens, it's personal and it hurts.  "You can't stop bad things from occurring," say Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz in their new book, GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF (Barbour Publishing, 2005), "but believing God is crucial to the whole business of dealing with life's hard stuff."

Most people know Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, a/k/a "Bruce and Stan," for their international bestseller, GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF.  Since that book's release they have heard from countless readers who have shared what a difference it made to recognize that God cares about even the minutest details of their everyday lives.  But then came another group of respondents, those who were going through really "hard stuff" --- a marriage gone bad, a lost job, bankruptcy, death, etc.  They asked, "Where is God when the ‘hard stuff' happens and tough times come?"

Now, as our nation struggles with the overwhelming destruction, death, and doubt left by Hurricane Katrina, Bruce and Stan offer a starting point to finding the answers to this difficult question in GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF.  "People need to sense God's comfort and presence.  We believe this book can help them find a spiritual perspective on what has occurred and what will follow," say Bruce and Stan.

This week Barbour Publishing is printing a special hurricane relief edition of GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF in paperback.  This edition is for free distribution to Katrina victims and will never be a sale item.  Publishing costs and royalties for the 100,000 copies of the book are being donated by Barbour, Bruce and Stan as a gift for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Made up of short chapters, practical advice and encouragement, GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF provides forty-one essays to help readers start sorting through life's issues, such as rebellious children, abuse, marital problems, caring for aging parents, Alzheimer's, depression, cancer, and death.  The hurricane relief edition of GOD IS IN THE HARD STUFF has a special introduction and chapter specifically written for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"God isn't offended when we ask, ‘How could this happen?'  It is an honest question that is not easily answered," say Bruce and Stan.  "Unless we make it a point to hear God, the hard stuff in life will seem random and meaningless.  On the other hand, when we seek God and listen to His voice, our present troubles will draw us closer to Him.  There, safe in His arms, we may not get all the answers we're looking for --- but we will find meaning in the midst of pain."

© Copyright 2011 by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz. Reprinted with permission by Barbour Publishing. All rights reserved.

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God is in the Hard Stuff
by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

  • Publication Date: September 1, 2005
  • Genres: Christian, Christian Living
  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Barbour Books
  • ISBN-10: 1593109245
  • ISBN-13: 9781593109240