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God’s Truth About Gender: Unraveling the Lies of Modern Human Sexuality, Behavior and Identity

About the Book

God’s Truth About Gender: Unraveling the Lies of Modern Human Sexuality, Behavior and Identity

Today’s culture is permeated with false beliefs based on the doctrine of moral relativism. In his new book, GOD’S TRUTH ABOUT GENDER, author and internist Dr. David E. James examines the ways in which dysfunction and cultural lies can alter our perception of what is normal, how we’re wired, and what our roles are. It’s true that the roles of men and women have changed dramatically over the last thirty years --- yet the unique manner in which males and females have been designed hasn’t changed since their original creation.

“It’s true, different spiritual or behavioral attributes come with each gender. Everyone knows there is an inherent difference between men and women. We think differently, learn differently, and are generally motivated by different ideas,” James states. “Women will naturally bring different strengths and weaknesses to any leadership role than a man would --- not better or worse, just different. The differences between the genders go beyond the obvious physical differences, and they are based on the gender given to us by God. This is immutable, regardless of the lie being proclaimed in the world today that claims equality based on similarity.”

In examining gender identity, Dr. James does not pass judgment or relegate the stereotypical “barefoot and pregnant woman” to the kitchen. Nor does he cast all women from the same mold. “These masculine and feminine qualities are not universally bestowed upon any man or woman,” he says. “Gender behavior is fluid. In the same way, men can also possess feminine qualities.” For Dr. James, the secret lies in achieving and maintaining the proper balance of these qualities in each individual. GOD’S TRUTH ABOUT GENDER provides insight into how our gender identities --- whether they are based on accurate or skewed perceptions --- play into our understanding of our own sexuality. This increase in self-awareness will directly affect who we are and how we relate to others. Armed with this information, we are free to make choices that may lead to greater happiness and, according to the doctor, better health.

In his discussion of gender, Dr. James takes on some of the most hotly debated sexual issues of our time --- gender roles, homosexual and transgender behaviors, the influence parents play in the development of their child’s gender identity, and marital issues like sex and submission. To Dr. James, marriage is the ultimate example of God’s design for gender interdependence. “Both masculine and feminine qualities demand honor, but in different ways. Each is necessary for the existence of the other. Without the other, neither will have what it wants or desires.”

GOD’S TRUTH ABOUT GENDER is perfect for couples who long to feel the vitality that comes with true intimacy, parents who want to do everything possible to ensure that their children develop a healthy gender identity, or individuals suffering from a gender identity crisis. In the shifting sands of culture, a critical discussion of healthy gender roles and gender identities has often been declared off-limits. This book is a biblically and scientifically informed resource for those who want to learn the truth about gender.

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GOD’S TRUTH ABOUT GENDER: Unraveling the Lies of Modern Human Sexuality, Behavior and Identity © Copyright 2011 by Dr. David E. James IV. Reprinted with permission by VMI. All rights reserved.

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God’s Truth About Gender: Unraveling the Lies of Modern Human Sexuality, Behavior and Identity
by Dr. David E. James IV

  • Publication Date: June 11, 2008
  • Genres: Christian, Sexuality
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: VMI
  • ISBN-10: 1933204605
  • ISBN-13: 9781933204604