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Week of October 9, 2023

Paperback releases for the week of October 9th include James Patterson's TRIPLE CROSS, a heart-stopping adventure that finds Detective Alex Cross hunting down a serial killer who targets entire families --- and who will be coming for the Crosses next; LIBERATION DAY, George Saunders' first collection of short stories since 2013's TENTH OF DECEMBER, which explores ideas of power, ethics and justice as it cuts to the very heart of what it means to live in community with our fellow humans; Veronica Roth's POSTER GIRL, a dystopian novel set in a surveillance state that revolves around a woman’s desperate search for a missing girl...and the dark family secrets she uncovers along the way; AGATHA CHRISTIE: An Elusive Woman, a fascinating account of the life of Agatha Christie from celebrated literary and cultural historian Lucy Worsley; and the paperback original VEIL OF DOUBT by Sharon Virts, an exhaustively researched mystery/thriller that delves into the darkness of the South during Reconstruction, exposing intrigue, deception and death.