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Front Lines


Front Lines

What would American society have looked like if women were allowed to fight in World War II? Michael Grant explores this alternate history in FRONT LINES, which is told from the points of view of three girls who enlist for different reasons. Rio Richlin enlists to honor her fallen sister, Frangie Marr enlists to support her family and Rainy Schulterman enlists to honor her country and religion. Each girl must push through the obstacles of leaving their families to fight for their country at the front lines.

FRONT LINES is a beautifully written novel about the realities of war for women had they been able to fight in World War II. Like all war novels, FRONT LINES displays the brutality of war and the fact that soldiers had no idea what they were getting into when they enlisted. However, because it’s told from three different perspectives, FRONT LINES also highlights different areas of American society, such as poverty, racism and sexism. The portrayal of social injustices adds to the reality of the book. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed FRONT LINES and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys history or historical fiction."

I have never read too much historical fiction because I favor real history to alternate, but this book really captured the realities of World War II and was able to make the story seem very real. The writing felt very young, but it matched the voices of the girls, so I don’t really mind. All three girls were very relatable, and the reader is really able to connect with them because they are so young and going through so much. However, I think that readers could have connected even more had the book been written in first person instead of third person.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed FRONT LINES and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys history or historical fiction. Michael Grant created a beautifully written war novel that displays the realities of American society during a war. The story left me wanting more and I'm not sure if I can wait so long for the next book.

Reviewed by Harleen K., Teen Board member on January 26, 2016

Front Lines
by Michael Grant