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Dreaming Big

About the Book

Dreaming Big

Most of us can look back to a time in our lives when the future seemed limitless. As young people --- before we were programmed by the negative influences of the world or burdened by the expectations of others --- we were free to dream big dreams. With the passing of years, lulled by the hypnotic routine of “doing work to pay the bills,” we often find ourselves sleepwalking through life --- but we have forgotten how to dream. Many wonder if the process of pursuing a dream is even beneficial. In their new book, DREAMING BIG, authors Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets sound the wake-up call, inviting readers to discover, refine, and live their dreams --- with eyes wide open.

DREAMING BIG invites readers to dig to the roots of their passions, to weed out what isn’t productive, to water what brings real happiness, and to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Though readers are encouraged to read at their own pace, the book is divided into thirty-one chapters that serve as a guide for a month-long journey to developing a Life Dream --- a crystal clear vision of the difference you want to make in the future. When your Life Dream is crystal clear, you can:

  • Express your dream in thirty seconds or less
  • Move on from where you are to where you want to be
  • Energize yourself for the rest of your life

Dreaming doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Although “following your dreams” is a popular concept today, many find that they can’t even find their dreams, much less follow them. Swets explains that “some are afraid to dream for fear their dreams will not come true. They don’t want to be disappointed. Others are not sure it is ‘right’ to dream. They believe they should just accept whatever life brings them. DREAMING BIG was written with them in mind.” 

On the other hand, many people, especially those between fifteen and thirty, do like to dream big dreams about their future --- but they may not know the strategies necessary to realize them. DREAMING BIG encourages readers to dust off dreams that may have been dormant since childhood and retool them for today. It also provides the organizational and strategic tools necessary to guide big ideas in a productive direction. The authors believe that when people discover what really motivates them, they will be energized to pursue their dreams. 

“The process of knowing what is most important to you and being absolutely clear about it may take some deep thinking,” admits Swets. “But the end result is a statement you can tell someone in thirty seconds or less. When I wrote my own Life Dream, my exhilaration was sky high. I felt that impulse to soar.” 

Pre-publication copies of DREAMING BIG have elicited praise from a variety of successful executives. Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, wrote, “DREAMING BIG is a must read for those ready to shift their ‘inner drive’ into gear.” Kemmons Wilson, Jr., son of the founder of Holiday Inns, acknowledges that his father had a big dream…Holiday Inns. He said, “This book will help you realize that you, too, were ‘made’ for DREAMING BIG.”

DREAMING BIG © Copyright 2011 by Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets. Reprinted with permission by Authentic. All rights reserved.

Dreaming Big
by Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets