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Dog Eat Dog: An Andy Carpenter Mystery


Dog Eat Dog: An Andy Carpenter Mystery

Every Andy Carpenter mystery has a dog in it --- usually more than one --- and DOG EAT DOG is no exception. The dog is often the device by which Andy gets dragged, kicking and screaming (figuratively, at least), into representing someone charged with murder. In this case, Andy and his intrepid wife, Laurie, witness a man mistreating his dog. Before Laurie has a chance to stop the abuse, a passerby steps in and severely beats the owner. The police arrest both men.

It isn’t long before Andy learns that the rescuer, Matthew Jantzen, is accused of a double murder. He must travel from New Jersey, where he lives and practices law (as little as he can), to Maine, where the crimes took place.

"Rosenfelt effectively drops little hints that astute readers will register as clues, but none will make sense until the end."

It just so happens that author David Rosenfelt lives in Maine, so he knows of what he writes. I'm taking a wild guess here, but the restaurant Andy frequents each night just might be Rosenfelt's favorite place to eat. I also suspect that Rosenfelt likes lobster rolls. A lot. In fact, Andy eats so many of them, and talks about how much he loves them, that the book’s title could be "Dog Eats Lobster Rolls" or "Andy Eats Lobster Rolls."

Once Andy is in Maine, he finds out that someone doesn't want him investigating the murders. Being the brilliant, dedicated lawyer that he is, threats don't deter him. There are several possibilities as to who might have wanted at least one of the victims dead. Of course, there is the problem of Jantzen's blood being found at the scene of the crime. It's hard to refute DNA evidence, but Andy is no quitter.

Rosenfelt works his usual magic in DOG EAT DOG. We chuckle at Andy’s self-deprecating humor and his wisecracking; we marvel at his brilliance; and we love getting reacquainted with several of his sidekicks, including Sam the Tech Expert Accountant and Marcus the Enforcer. Rosenfelt effectively drops little hints that astute readers will register as clues, but none will make sense until the end.

If this is your first Andy Carpenter book, you will not feel lost at all. While it works as a stand-alone mystery, you will want to start at the beginning of the series and see the development of all the characters. But don't be disappointed that there aren't any donuts in the story, despite what you see on the cover. There are many lobster rolls. And muffins.

Reviewed by Pamela Kramer on July 16, 2021

Dog Eat Dog: An Andy Carpenter Mystery
by David Rosenfelt

  • Publication Date: July 5, 2022
  • Genres: Fiction, Mystery
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Minotaur Books
  • ISBN-10: 1250847192
  • ISBN-13: 9781250847195