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Dear Soldier: Heartfelt Letters from America's Children


Dear Soldier: Heartfelt Letters from America's Children

As combat in Afghanistan continues and the war in Iraq enters its fifth year, America’s children are saluting U.S. troops with a unique compilation of loving tributes in DEAR SOLDIER: Heartfelt Letters from America’s Children. In turn, the troops are expressing what a difference the book has made in their morale and spirits.

A collection of moving, poignant and funny handwritten letters, DEAR SOLDIER was compiled and created by Barbara Warfield Baldwin and her daughters Amber Baldwin D’Amico and Dr. Heather Baldwin Duff. The mother/daughter trio believes this book is critically important for our soldiers, particularly during a time when the nation is divided about our strategy in Iraq.

“I believe Americans have made a tremendous effort not to repeat what we experienced during the Vietnam War when divided opinions resulted in a loss of support for our troops,” said Barbara. “The power of DEAR SOLDIER lies in the fact that the letters are pure and from the heart. Children don’t talk about being ‘for or against’ the war but what they do express is their unconditional support for those serving on our behalf and appreciation of the tremendous sacrifices being made.”

Barbara, an artist, and Heather, a chaplain, live in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and Amber practices public relations in Dallas. The mother/daughter team, whose family has a rich background of Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs service, was inspired to create DEAR SOLDIER when their son/brother was serving in Afghanistan and Barbara regularly assembled care packages for the troops.

“Each package included a letter from a child, and the letters were so moving and so funny that we decided they should be captured for all Americans and for our military to enjoy,” Barbara explained.

Released by Thomas Nelson Publishers six months ago, DEAR SOLDIER has now found its way into the hands of soldiers, veterans and their families and is generating incredible feedback. “We’re thrilled to know that DEAR SOLDIER is having a positive impact,” Barbara said.

DEAR Soldier: HEARTFELT LETTERS FROM AMERICA'S CHILDREN © Copyright 2012 by Barbara W. Baldwin, Amber Baldwin D'Amico and Heather Baldwin Duff. Reprinted with permission by Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved.

Reviewed by on May 1, 2006

Dear Soldier: Heartfelt Letters from America's Children
by Barbara W. Baldwin, Amber Baldwin D'Amico, and Heather Baldwin Duff

  • Publication Date: May 1, 2006
  • Genres: Christian, Inspirational
  • Hardcover: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • ISBN-10: 1591454808
  • ISBN-13: 9781591454809