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Dead to Me


Dead to Me

Mary McCoy brings us an intense, action-packed debut novel that is sure to make mystery fans rejoice.  Alice hasn’t seen her sister Annie in four years, and she hasn’t heard from her either. Suddenly, she gets a phone call. Annie is in the hospital, beaten and left for dead. Alice knows that there is something up, especially when a man named Jerry Schaffer shows up at the hospital. Alice knows that Annie was involved in something bad, and she wants to know who did this to her and why. What she learns will put her in more danger than she can imagine.

"Mary McCoy brings us an intense, action-packed debut novel that is sure to make mystery fans rejoice…it will certainly be a bestseller."

Mary McCoy is a librarian, working in the teen section, and as such, she knows what a good YA novel contains.  Her first novel has a spectacular mix of everything that a good mystery novel has, including twists, turns, characters who are insane and movie stars who are not who they say they are. The novel was an immediate roller coaster --- there was never a dull moment and I was shocked when I reached the end of the novel. The twist at the end was so spectacular that no one could have seen it coming --- I know I didn’t.

DEAD TO ME isn’t a novel that you can set down whenever you want and come back to it later. This novel was a page-turner.  I turned page after page, and as I read the novel, I was constantly at the edge of my seat. By the second page, I was enthralled. Everything was brilliantly written, and the characters were really well developed. As a debut novel,this one scores a ten of ten. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the events in this story, and yet, upon reflection, it was probably the most perfect plot twist and shocker that I have read in a mystery novel in a long time.

In conclusion, those who are fans of mystery novels will want to flock to this novel. It will surely be a bestseller, and book club members, be ready to suggest this for your next read!

Reviewed by Aspen R., Teen Board Member on March 3, 2015

Dead to Me
by Mary McCoy