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Dead Dog Like Me


Dead Dog Like Me

Heart pounding, gasping for breath, megachurch pastor Nick Gregory awakens each night remembering that his wife has left him, his daughter has grown distant, and his son has been dead for a year. Compounding his grief is the secret he keeps buried so deep, even his wife doesn’t know. His son’s death was a suicide --- a suicide triggered by Nick’s ambition and arrogance. In the midst of these horrors, Nick’s faith has waned to a mere wisp of the conviction that built his church.

When he’s called in for an emergency meeting at church, Nick knows something is up, and it isn’t good. Misery, anger and whispers from the evil one send him into a rage, causing him to accidentally run over the beloved family dog --- an incident that hits YouTube and races around the globe by the time Nick arrives at the animal hospital. Before the day is half over, the once world famous pastor has been served with divorce papers and asked to “step down” from his position at the church he founded. But the day is still young, and there is so much more ahead for this fallen author, pastor, husband and father.

"Likable characters, excellent imagery, relationship drama and plenty of action make this a great book for both genders, even those who aren’t too sure about this thing called Christianity."

In DEAD DOG LIKE ME, Nick will have to traverse time and space to find the very precious parts of his heart and soul that have been lost.

Following his disastrous and humiliating meeting with the church board, Nick hits the highway. His family, church and God have all failed him, and he has failed himself beyond repair…or so says the voice in his head. Tearing down the highway in a blind rage, Nick sees the perfect solution --- a concrete piling on the side of the road.

I felt nothing, not even pain. My spirit didn’t leave my body, nor did I hover over the scene of the accident. I didn’t watch the paramedics as they used the jaws of life to extract my mangled body from the wreckage. There was no tunnel. No white light. Everything went black.

When Nick next opens his eyes, he is someplace hot and dry…but he is not Nick. Crippled, filthy and barely able to move, he realizes he is in a desert far from home, and even farther from present day. Nick soon discovers that he has become Mephibosheth, the grown grandson of King Saul and son of the late Jonathon (Kind David’s best friend). Like Nick, Mephibosheth is in need of healing --- body and soul. And like Nick, Mephibosheth’s life has been turned inside out. Once in line to become king, he has lost everything and is looked down upon by the people who would have loved and respected him. Nick knows how Mephibosheth’s story ends, but what about his own? Is there love and grace enough to heal his brokenness? His relationships? His faith? And is there any way to get back home?

Author Max Davis delivers a page-turner that hooks readers from the start and keeps on going. But it is so much more than a good story. It is a tale that artfully demonstrates God’s grace is bigger than our mistakes, His light outshines our darkness, and His love never fails. Told primarily through Nick’s perspective, DEAD DOG LIKE ME also has chapters from his wife Abbi’s point of view. Both are equally captivating, and draw the reader in with completely relatable emotions, responses and dialogue. Likable characters, excellent imagery, relationship drama and plenty of action make this a great book for both genders, even those who aren’t too sure about this thing called Christianity. Get it, read it, share it. You’ll be glad you did.

Reviewed by Susan Miura on August 28, 2015

Dead Dog Like Me
by Max Davis

  • Publication Date: June 23, 2015
  • Genres: Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Worthy Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1617955248
  • ISBN-13: 9781617955242