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Daniel X: Demons and Druids


Daniel X: Demons and Druids

With DEMONS AND DRUIDS, James Patterson and Adam Sadler take the Daniel X series to an entirely new level.

Daniel X is an extraterrestrial who had been living with his family on earth. When his parents and sister were killed in a sneak attack by intergalactic criminals, Daniel made it his mission to wipe them all out. He is a fairly powerful guy who is still testing the extent and limits of his powers. He is able to travel in time, conjure up friends from his home planet, and occasionally and randomly experiences visits from his family, even though they no longer exist. It was Daniel’s father who gave him a list of criminals who needed extermination the most, and while Daniel has not been following along in numerical order, he has been doing a good job of systematically whittling down the number.

Daniel’s primary target in DEMONS AND DRUIDS is Phosphorius Beta, his strongest foe to date. Beta is a demon of fire --- one of the most basic of elements, and arguably the most dangerous --- and, worse, he comes with an army of similarly powered henchmen who are loaded with bad attitude. Beta is not a late arrival to Earth, either; he has been here for over a thousand years, biding his time while increasing his strength. Daniel soon discovers that the only way to defeat this enemy is to go back in time, to Europe’s Dark Ages, and confront Beta before he has a chance to become so powerful.

Daniel has some interesting and unexpected allies in his quest. One of them, surprisingly, is his father, who puts him through a bit of criminal-elimination training, where Daniel learns there is much more to the job than he originally imagined. His other allies? Well, let’s not spoil the surprise. All I can tell you is that if you are really good at guessing, you will be able to put it together. They also use a somewhat unexpected tool, one that has existed for almost 5,000 years and has been waiting to be put to its mysterious use.

Daniel X has become a franchise, complete with manga, graphic novels and video games that are based on the character being readily available and popular. However, Daniel X originally appeared in traditional books, and it is with installments such as DEMONS AND DRUIDS that Daniel and his friends are most fully realized.

Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub on May 10, 2011

Daniel X: Demons and Druids
by James Patterson and Adam Sadler