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Clear My Name

About the Book

Clear My Name

Paula Daly is widely acclaimed for her masterful plotting and thrilling page-turners. Now, she delivers CLEAR MY NAME, a page-turning, new thriller about an investigator who, in order to free her client, must confront secrets she has struggled a lifetime to hide.

When Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband’s lover, she denied it. She denied it again when they found her blood inside his house, again when they put her in front of a jury and again when they sent her to prison. Now she’s three years into her 15-year sentence, gradually losing hope and separated from her pregnant daughter, but she is still maintaining her innocence. Tess is the only paid employee of Innocence UK, a charity that helps clear people wrongfully convicted of crimes, and which accepts Carrie’s case. But, can she trust Carrie? Tess is no starry-eyed recent grad --- her assumption is that “they’re all lying.”

Meanwhile, Tess is also paired with Avril, a naïve young investigator-in-training, with the hope that by mentoring her, she can eventually double the group’s investigative workload. But, Tess unexpectedly bolts when she’s tipped off to a witness who could possibly prove Carrie didn’t commit the crime. While Tess and Avril work the case, re-interviewing witnesses and testing assumptions made at the time of the arrest, the tension ratchets up in both the case and Tess’ personal life.

An innovative spin on the crime novel, full of wicked twists readers won't see coming, Paula Daly’s CLEAR MY NAME raises the stakes in a grave miscarriage of justice and proves that even in a cold case, things still run hot.

Clear My Name
by Paula Daly