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Chosen People


Chosen People

Hana Abboud is an attorney at the upscale Atlanta law firm of Collins, Lowenstein, and Capella. Educated at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Hana brings her exceptional foreign language skills as well as her legal training to assist the firm’s international transaction clients. She plans to work in the United States for a number of years before returning home to Israel.

One day, Hana is surprised by Mr. Lowenstein, who summons her to a meeting with outside attorney Jakob Brodsky. Jakob is representing Ben Neumann, whose wife Gloria was killed in a terrorist attack while the family (including then-toddler daughter Sadie) vacationed in Israel. Two men, the Zadan brothers, attacked Gloria and Sadie with a knife. Gloria shielded her daughter with her own body, and while she saved Sadie, she lost her life. Sadie survived but still bears a long scar on her face four years later.

"If you’re looking for a book with unexpected twists and turns that delves into the cultures of Palestine, Israel and their peoples, you must check out this engaging novel."

Jakob wants to bring suit against the perpetrators, but as an attorney in a very small firm, he needs another law firm to work with him and help finance the lawsuit against the Zadans and any terrorist organization that might have funded them. Legally, that sort of case didn’t happen with any frequency until the 9/11 attacks, when individuals began filing lawsuits against not only particular terrorist organizations but also the foreign banks that provided the monies for the attacks. When Collins, Lowenstein, and Capella agree to work with Jakob, he is thrilled, but not as excited about Hana’s involvement, as he believes that an Arab-Israeli would have little sympathy for his Jewish-American clients. But Hana is also a Christian, and when she meets Ben and Sadie, her heart goes out to the little girl. This case will require trips to Israel and the hiring of an Israeli private investigator who will assist Hana and Jakob.

However, before they can make much headway, Jakob falls victim to a mugging. The culprits administer a serious head injury to the lawyer, landing him in the hospital. As he recovers, Hana flies to Israel where she collects police reports and visits the site of the murder. But what seems to be a lone wolf attack may be something deeper and more dangerous. Their new investigator has contacts on both the West Bank and Israeli sides of the country, and hopes to find a connection between the Zadans and a larger terrorist organization. Hana flies back to the U.S. and resumes her research with Jakob, who continues to heal.

Before the case concludes, Hana and Jakob will return to Israel. They’ll experience great danger in both countries: fires, betrayals, false identities, disguises, international spies, and well-armed and angry soldiers. Someone or something is determined to frustrate their progress and keep them from seeking justice. Hana may face more peril working on the Neumanns’ case than she ever did simply living in Israel. Will they survive? And will Gloria’s sacrifice be avenged?

I’ve deeply enjoyed Robert Whitlow’s work for years. His intelligent, well-crafted legal thrillers combine fascinating cases with interesting ethical and spiritual challenges. CHOSEN PEOPLE is a fantastic read on many levels as it deals with the trials and tribulations of ethnic Israelis and Palestinians. Hana, a Christian Arab-Israeli, allows us to see those difficulties through non-American eyes. In fact, she is one of my all-time favorite Whitlow characters. If you’re looking for a book with unexpected twists and turns that delves into the cultures of Palestine, Israel and their peoples, you must check out this engaging novel.

Reviewed by Melanie Reynolds on January 4, 2019

Chosen People
by Robert Whitlow

  • Publication Date: November 6, 2018
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • ISBN-10: 0718083040
  • ISBN-13: 9780718083045