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Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us

About the Book

Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us

A Look at Grace from a Most Surprising Perspective – The Old Testament

Grace. We want to domesticate it, calm it down, and stuff it into a blue blazer and a pair of khakis. But biblical grace –-- or charis –-- doesn’t like to settle down. Grace is a dangerous topic because the Bible is a dangerous book.

Charis flows from the Preston Sprinkle’s half dozen years teaching the Old Testament to college students. You might think that would produce a book about judgment --– but no way. He shows how every character, every event, every single page from the Old Testament bleeds with grace.

Take a journey into Charis --- where harlots are hugged, enemies are enjoyed, and really bad people receive really good things from a Creator who stubbornly delights in undelightful people … like us.

Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us
by Preston Sprinkle