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Broken Like This

About the Book

Broken Like This

"Trasandes eloquently renders the passionate and heartrending love’s rare to root for all sides of a love triangle, but the author’s depth of insight into her characters makes this a wonderfully accomplished first novel."Publisher's Weekly

An unforgettably haunting novel --- intertwining stories reveal how a man and a woman fall in love with the same extraordinary person

BROKEN LIKE THIS by Monica Trasandes is the saga of Kate Harrington --- who for the past 15 years has been the muse, provocateur and lodestone in the lives of Louis Ross and Angela Agnelli.  After a car accident in Ibiza, Kate lies comatose and is, unbeknownst to anyone, two months pregnant.  Angela and Louis both fly to her side, as does Kate’s step-father, who’s been a dark presence in all of their lives for many years.  Told in present day and breathtaking flashbacks, by turns bittersweet and brutally honest --- this is a remarkable debut.

What begins as an evocative story of love and identity evolves, faster and faster, into a high-scale drama --- with a conclusion that is truly heartrending.  From sunny, Southern California to the sweaty, musical streets of Brazil; from a garden in Boston to a rooftop in Brooklyn --- BROKEN LIKE THIS is a rare novel that captures the utter joy felt when meeting that person whose energy and passion will shape your life forever.

Broken Like This
by Monica Trasandes