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Blood Sisters


Blood Sisters

Fifteen years ago, three girls were on their way to school. One was killed, another survived with minor injuries, and the third became severely disabled. What happened that morning, and will the truth ever be revealed?

BLOOD SISTERS opens when Alison, a struggling artist in her 30s, takes a second job as an in-house artist in a minimum security prison. At the same time, Kitty, who is twenty-something, is in the institution. While the guilt-ridden Alison is cutting herself in order to relieve the pain of her past, Kitty is trying to remember what happened to her and how she ended up in a wheelchair and institutionalized.

"...a spine-tingling psychological thriller... It is gripping, intense and masterfully crafted --- in the vein of great British writers like Minette Walters..."

Alison soon gets the feeling that somebody is watching her. At the same time, Kitty receives a visit from a stranger that deeply disturbs her. But due to her injuries, she can’t figure out why she feels that way, and she can’t tell anyone about it. Both women meet men who will change their lives. And one unfortunate event will reveal the connection between Kitty and Alison, and the accident that occurred 15 years previously.

BLOOD SISTERS is a spine-tingling psychological thriller told from Alison’s and Kitty’s points of view. The novel alternates between the present and the past, giving readers much insight into the events that led to that fateful morning and a full overview of the motives that lie beneath the actions of Alison, Kitty and other characters. Packed with secrets and deceptions, jealousy and lies, this is a story bursting with complex family relationships, sibling rivalry and unhealthy friendships. Almost all the characters have some skeletons in their closets, kept there to protect someone, and none are completely innocent. Thus there are ample opportunities for twists and turns throughout the book.

Author Jane Corry provides logical and rational explanations for everything that happens, but to me she ties up the loose ends just a bit too neatly. Still, I enjoyed BLOOD SISTERS immensely. It is gripping, intense and masterfully crafted --- in the vein of great British writers like Minette Walters --- and I look forward to Corry’s next effort.

Reviewed by Dunja Bonacci Skenderović on February 2, 2018

Blood Sisters
by Jane Corry