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September 2011

These early days of fall will be full of action, drama, a dash of golf, and an expected source of temptation. That last bit comes into play in I Don’t Know How She Does It, based on the bestseller by Allison Pearson. With two kids, a husband and a job with a Boston-based financial management firm, every day is a non-stop balancing act for Kate (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). Complicating matters even more is her charming new business associate. Oh dear!

Books to Fall in Love with 2010

The countdown to Valentine's Day is on! Stuck on what to buy your Valentine? Our featured titles have the bookish answer. From January 22nd through February 5th, readers had the chance to win one of our five Valentine's Day Baskets. They are filled with one copy of each of our featured books, as well as some irresistible Valentine's Day-themed goodies. Thanks to all who entered and told us which character in a book they would want to share a Valentine moment with.