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Week of May 14, 2018

Paperback releases for the week of May 14th include COCOA BEACH by Beatriz Williams, an enchanting blend of love, suspense, betrayal and redemption set among the rumrunners and scoundrels of Prohibition-era Cocoa Beach; and Lou Piniella's memoir LOU, in which the beloved New York Yankee legend looks back over his nearly 50-year career as a player and a manager, sharing insights and stories about some of his most memorable moments and some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball.

Summer Golf Reading for 2018

“Golf is a good walk spoiled” is an often-quoted aphorism attributed to Mark Twain. Author John Feinstein titled one of his early books on the game of golf A GOOD WALK SPOILED. In the 20 years since that book first appeared, the game has changed substantially. The 1990s were something of a golfing boom. Across America and the world, golf courses were constructed at a rapid rate. People flocked to the game, and its popularity was aided by the arrival of a television network then known as The Golf Channel that was 100% devoted to golf. Arnold Palmer, the man associated with the rising popularity of golf in the 1960s and ’70s, was one of the founders of the network. Its creation coincided with the career of Tiger Woods, whose exploits threatened to surpass those of countless golf legends, from Palmer to Jack Nicklaus and even the great Bobby Jones. (More on that later.)