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Any Minute


Any Minute

Bestselling authors Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford have joined up again as a fiction writing team in this newest offering to Christian fans. This modern-day novel opens with a Mario Andretti female counterpart by the name of Sarah Harper, who speed races her way to work every morning and throughout every precious moment of her days. To describe Sarah as driven is a gross understatement, one that she herself would disdain. But then again, Sarah thrives on competing and winning, and she makes no apologies for her actions, at work or in the home.

As a wife to Joe and mom to Mitchell and Kate, Sarah has her life completely under control --- or so she believes. Hiding behind her career success in a fast-paced ruthless work environment of buying and selling, Sarah understands how the illusion of control can make or break a person. So she does her level best to keep herself and everyone around her in their place. It doesn't seem to matter much that she's spending more and more time away from Joe and the kids. Nor does she feel inclined to stop running the show from a distance, the most comfortable place she knows.

But when a tragic auto accident occurs and her car hits the water, she finally realizes how much trouble she's in...and even Sarah, with all her smarts and resilience, can't talk, work, or manipulate herself out of this divinely guided event. One of her last cognizant thoughts is that there is no way out, only through. What she will soon discover is that God has a plan quite different from the one she's been safeguarding, and in this "other" place she will journey back into her past, observe what is happening around her in the present (but in her absence), and finally a future without her motherly influence.

With Wingtip, a heavenly guide, at her side, very slowly Sarah begins to wake up --- not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Long held-at-bay feelings of distrust and rejection resurface and her understanding grows. How could she have missed so much and what was so important? Could she change her life now? Would she be given a second chance? Giving voice to these questions, Wingtip assures Sarah that there's no going back; she's on a new journey now. Somehow, even knowing how uncertain that statement is, she feels a rush of inexplicable comfort engulf her.

Then Sarah wakes up in earnest and realizes she's still alive on planet Earth, and while not well, she slowly takes in the measure of her life as it was and how she needs to change it. Understandably, those who tried reasoning with the formerly unreasonable Sarah have a difficult time seeing the new Sarah she is becoming. She is determined not to miss another minute of what's important in life, and with every act, she begins giving away whatever treasure she holds as evidence of this fresh start. Ever so slowly, Joe and Mitchell begin to trust Sarah again...and little Kate just accepts her love. As for Wingtip, he continues to contentedly watch over Sarah and her family as they bridge the gap between what was and what can be.

Readers and fans of Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford will enjoy this kindly offered reminder of the brevity of life and how choices, large and small, have serious, life-altering repercussions.

Reviewed by Michele Howe on June 30, 2009

Any Minute
by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford

  • Publication Date: June 30, 2009
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • ISBN-10: 0446582530
  • ISBN-13: 9780446582537