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All Night Long


All Night Long

Lust at first sight. One look at new guest Irene Stenson,
and wickedly handsome, ex-marine turned lodge owner Luke Danner
flips on the NO VACANCY sign at his Northern California Ventana
Lake resort. Guest relations at the Sunrise on the Lake Lodge now
include very personal service --- ALL NIGHT LONG.

A surprise email from Irene's best friend forces Irene to return to
the town that harbors her darkest memories and the basis of her
fear and obsessions. Finding the body of her best friend Pam the
day she arrives back in Dunsley enhances Irene's fears, but sexy
Luke Danner proves to be Jayne Ann Krentz's cure for a traumatized
Irene. "His smile was so slow and so wickedly inviting."

Trying to escape his "interfering, meddling, intrusive" family and
their desire for him to help run Elena Creek Vineyards, Luke buys
the Sunrise on the Lake Lodge looking for some peace and quiet to
write a novel and deal with any lingering post traumatic stress
disorder from his marine days. Instead, Luke becomes involved with
Irene in connecting the dots between scandal, murder, blackmail,
sordid videos, and the truth about what happened to her parents
seventeen years ago.

Family secrets: "One thing's for sure, every family's got'em."
Patriarch Victor Webb is a very powerful man. He has been directing
his son's career for years and has the town and the sheriff in his
back pocket, or so he thinks. His son, Senator Ryland Webb, leads a
very public life, especially since he is running for the White
House, but his dirty little secrets are being revealed by those he
trusts most. Wealth, blackmail, power, political ambitions and
murder are no match for Irene Stenson and her quest for the truth
about her parents' deaths.

Traumatized by finding her murdered parents in the dark on the
kitchen floor at age fifteen, Irene leads a life of paranoia about
the dark. She develops nighttime routines to cope, but not until
Luke's "soft, husky groan" does she begin to find the solution to
her nighttime fears.

In the course of the novel, Luke and Irene find a dead body, burn
down a house, take on a senator with the town in his back pocket,
reveal family secrets, solve mysterious deaths, uncover
incriminating DNA evidence, and fall in love. In this fast-paced
novel Jayne Ann Krentz methodically unfolds the mystery that ties
together the deaths of Irene's parents and the death of her best
friend as she thrusts the hero and heroine into trouble and into
bed. "In the glow of the night-light," Irene begins to conquer her
fear of the dark, her nightmares and midnight jitters finding
contentment in Luke's embrace. Luke demanded "a kind of surrender
that she had never been able to give any man." Krentz builds the
romance between the characters realistically and romantically,
including the awakening of Irene's feminine powers. Armed with a
new confidence and a new love, Irene finds the truth that sets her

When the heroine is left "dazed and breathless" by the hero, Krentz
can count on another bestselling novel her fans will read all night
long. ALL NIGHT LONG begins with lust at first sight and ends with
the best combination --- lust and love.


Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on December 22, 2010

All Night Long
by Jayne Ann Krentz

  • Publication Date: January 3, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Putnam Adult
  • ISBN-10: 0399153055
  • ISBN-13: 9780399153051