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John Connolly, author of A Time of Torment: A Charlie Parker Thriller

Jerome Burnel was once a hero. He intervened to prevent multiple killings, but destroyed himself in the process. In his final days, he tells his story to private detective Charlie Parker. He speaks of the girl who was marked for death, but was saved; of the ones who tormented him, and an entity that hides in a ruined stockade. Parker is not like other men. He died and was reborn. He is ready to wage war. Now he will descend upon a strange, isolated community called the Cut, and face down a force of men who rule by terror, intimidation and murder. All in the name of the being they serve.

Week of May 22, 2017

Paperback releases for the week of May 22nd include series additions from James Patterson (CROSS THE LINE), Brad Thor (FOREIGN AGENT) and John Connolly (A TIME OF TORMENT); THE LAST DAYS OF NIGHT by Graham Moore, a thrilling novel based on actual events --- about the nature of genius, the cost of ambition, and the battle to electrify America; PAPER, Mark Kurlansky's definitive history of paper and the astonishing ways it has shaped today’s world; and THE PERFECT HORSE by Elizabeth Letts, the remarkable story of the heroic rescue of priceless horses in the closing days of World War II.