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Archives - Spring Preview

Our final featured title is GLAMOUR IN GLASS by Mary Robinette Kowal. Enter by Wednesday, March 21st at noon ET for your chance to win a copy of the book.

Mary Robinette Kowal stunned readers with her charming first novel, SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY, a loving tribute to the works of Jane Austen in a world where magic is an everyday occurrence. This magic comes in the form of glamour, which allows talented users to form practically any illusion they can imagine. SHADES debuted to great acclaim and was a Nebula Award nominee for Best Novel in 2010. GLAMOUR IN GLASS continues the lives of the beloved main characters Jane and Vincent, with a much deeper vein of drama and intrigue.

Today's featured title is LAST CALL FOR THE LIVING by Peter Farris. Enter by Tuesday, March 20th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy of the book.

Prodigious talent Peter Farris has written a backwoods fairy tale of fate and flight that is also a dark, modern thriller. Like the bastard child of Stephen Hunter's DIRTY WHITE BOYS and Cormac McCarthy's NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, LAST CALL FOR THE LIVING is a smashing debut from a writer whose unique and disturbing vision of the world cannot be ignored.

Today's featured title is ATTACHMENTS by Rainbow Rowell. Enter by Thursday, March 15th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy of the book.

Written with whip-smart precision and charm, ATTACHMENTS is a strikingly clever and deeply romantic debut about falling in love with the person who makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Even if it's someone you've never met.

Today's featured title is A DOG'S JOURNEY: Another Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron. Enter by Wednesday, March 14th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

The sequel to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller A DOG’S PURPOSE, A DOG’S JOURNEY is a charming and heartwarming story of hope, love and unending devotion that asks the question: Do we really take care of our pets, or do they take care of us?

Today's featured title is THREE A.M. by Steven John. Enter by Tuesday, March 13th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

Fifteen years of sunless gray.

Fifteen years of mist. So thick the streets fade off into nothing. So thick the past is hazy at best. The line between right and wrong has long been blurred, especially for Thomas Vale.

Long gone are the days when new beginnings seemed possible --- when he was a new recruit, off to a new start fresh in the army. He had hoped to never look back. Not like there was much to see, anyway.

Today's featured title is WIDE OPEN by Deborah Coates. Enter by Friday, March 9th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

When Sergeant Hallie Michaels comes back from South Dakota from Afghanistan on 10 days' compassionate leave, her sister Dell's ghost is waiting at the airport for her. The sheriff says that Dell's death was a suicide, but Hallie doesn't believe it. Friends and family, mourning Dell's loss, think Hallie's letting her grief interfere with her judgment.

The one person who seems willing to listen is the deputy sheriff, Boyd Davies, who shows up everywhere and helps when he doesn't have to.

Today's featured title is LIVING PROOF by Kira Peikoff. Enter by Thursday, March 8th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

The year is 2027. Brilliant young ob-gyn Arianna Drake is an expert in genetic engineering, but embryonic stem cell research is considered first-degree murder. Arianna must evade government watchdogs to use her research to reverse her own multiple sclerosis --- which will kill her without a miracle cure.

Today's featured title is DARK MAGIC by James Swain. Enter by Wednesday, March 7th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

Peter Warlock is a magician with a dark secret. Every night, he amazes audiences at his private theater in New York, where he performs feats that boggle the imagination. But his day job is just a cover for his otherworldly pursuits: Peter is a member of an underground group of psychics who gaze into the future to help prevent crimes.

Today's featured title is ISLAND APART by Steven Raichlen. Enter by Tuesday, March 6th at noon ET for your chance to win a copy.

Told by a New York Times bestselling author and international TV host with a keen eye for Chappaquiddick's extraordinary natural beauty, ISLAND APART has it all --- romance, history, travel, crime, lovemaking of exquisite intensity, and cooking scenes so vivid, they'll make your taste buds ache with hunger. Steven Raichlen's novel is a smart love story --- not to mention a terrific beach read. Think THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY with better food.