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Week of April 23, 2012

New in Paperback

Week of April 23, 2012

ESCAPE by Barbara Delinsky introduces readers to a lawyer who is so fed up with her job and marriage that she runs away. Is there any hope of getting her previous life back on track? Or must she abandon the whole thing?

In Robert Dugoni's MURDER ONE, Barclay Reid is struggling to cope with the death of her teenage daughter from a drug overdose. When she’s accused of murdering a drug trafficker she blamed for the overdose, attorney David Sloane is her chosen defender in his first criminal case.

22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson - Historical Fiction


With World War II finally over, Silvana and her seven-year-old son, Aurek, board the ship that will take them to England, where Silvana's husband --- determined to forget his ghosts --- has rented a little house at 22 Britannia Road. But Aurek is wild, almost feral. And Silvana cannot escape the painful memory of a shattering wartime act.

An Accidental Sportswriter: A Memoir by Robert Lipsyte - Memoir


A long-time sports columnist for the New York Times interweaves stories from his life and the events he covered to explore the relationships between the games we play and the lives we lead.

Betrayal of Trust: A J.P. Beaumont Novel by J.A. Jance - Mystery


Trying to solve a devastating crime involving troubled teens leads J.P. Beaumont, an investigator for the Washington Attorney General's Special Homicide squad, into a dark and deadly conspiracy that reaches deep into the halls of state government.

Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks - Fiction


Bethia Mayfield lives among pioneers and Puritans of the 17th century. She yearns for an education, but her gender forbids it. At 12 she encounters Caleb, the Native American son of a chieftain, and the two forge a secret friendship. When Caleb goes to Cambridge to study Latin and Greek, Bethia finds herself there too --- but she is indentured as a housekeeper.

Coup d'Etat by Ben Coes - Thriller

Wanting only a peaceful, obscure life, Dewey Andreas has gone to rural Australia, far from turbulent forces that he once fought against. But when powerful men who are seeking revenge track him down, Dewey must abandon his home and fight for his life.

Dreams of the Dead: A Nina Reilly Novel by Perri O'Shaughnessy - Thriller


Attorney Nina Reilly is about to relive a nightmare as her own past comes back to haunt her in DREAMS OF THE DEAD, whereby the notorious killer who was responsible for her husband’s murder may have come back from the dead and is on the loose again.

Escape by Barbara Delinsky - Romance


Lawyer Emily Aulenbach finds herself working for a company she doesn't believe in, her marriage is suffering a major disconnection, and her entire existence is tied to her technological gadgets. Finally she can't take it anymore and runs away. Is there any hope of getting her previous life back on track? Or must she abandon the whole thing?

Fort Freak: A Wild Cards Novel George R. R. Martin, editor - Science Fiction


In the latest Wild Cards mosaic novel, we get to know the hardbitten world of Manhattan's Fifth Precinct --- or "Fort Freak," as cops and malefactors alike call the cop-shop where every other desk sergeant, detective and patrol officer is more than human.

The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain - Fiction


Four years ago, 19-year-old Travis Brown made a choice: to raise his newborn daughter on his own. Bella is the light of his life, and he's never regretted his decision. But when Travis loses his construction job and his home, the security he's worked so hard to create for Bella begins to crumble.

KBL: Kill Bin Laden: A Novel Based on True Events by John Weisman - Thriller/Action & Adventure


A riveting novel drawn from actual events, KBL: KILL BIN LADEN brings to life the drama behind SEAL Team 6's stunning raid that brought about the long-awaited destruction of the 21st century's most ruthless killer.

Killing Kate by Julie Kramer - Thriller


Crime-solving means high ratings for Minnesota TV reporter Riley Spartz when she nails the culprit behind SILENCING SAM. But the stakes rise when Riley must piece together a serial killer’s murderous motive for KILLING KATE.

Lost in Shangri-La: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II by Mitchell Zuckoff - History


On May 13, 1945, 24 American servicemen and WACs boarded a transport plane for a sightseeing trip over “Shangri-La,” a beautiful and mysterious valley deep within the jungle-covered mountains of Dutch New Guinea. But the pleasure tour became an unforgettable battle for survival when the plane crashed.

Murder One by Robert Dugoni - Thriller


Barclay Reid is struggling to cope with the death of her teenage daughter from a drug overdose. When she’s accused of murdering a drug trafficker she blamed for the overdose, attorney David Sloane is not only her potential romantic interest, but her chosen defender, in his first criminal case.

Mystery: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman - Mystery


The murder victim’s fingertips were severed and her body mutilated. Recognizing the need for expert psychological insight on this gruesome case, LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis calls in his friend and colleague, Alex Delaware. When a lead offers up the dead woman’s nickname --- Mystery --- the case takes an alarming turn.

The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian - Paranormal Thriller


In a dusty corner of a basement in a rambling Victorian house in northern New Hampshire, a door has long been sealed shut. The home's new owners are Chip and Emily, and their twin 10-year-old daughters, who hope to rebuild their lives there after Chip, an airline pilot, has to ditch his jet in Lake Champlain due to double engine failure. The body count? 39.

Outrage by Robert K. Tanenbaum - Legal Thriller


District Attorney Butch Karp battles a failure of the system, a police detective desperate to solve a case for his own ends, and a homicidal maniac who will stop at nothing to protect the truth.

The Pack by Jason Starr - Thriller

Simon Burns, a stay-at-home father,  meets a tight-knit trio of dads at the playground. He soon realizes they are different from other men he has met, and is lured into their mix. As he experiences disturbing changes in his body, he suspects that when the guys welcomed him to their "pack," they were talking about much more than male bonding.

Prey by Linda Howard - Romantic Suspense


Linda Howard brings us deep into the wild, where a smart and sexy outdoor guide and her ruggedly handsome competitor must join forces to survive --- and avoid becoming what they never expected to be: PREY.

Seal Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin - Memoir


In this dramatic, behind-the-scenes chronicle, Howard E. Wasdin takes readers deep inside the world of Navy SEALS and Special Forces snipers, beginning with the grueling selection process of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) --- the toughest and longest military training in the world.

The Singles by Meredith Goldstein - Fiction


Beth “Bee” Evans’s first vow as a bride is that everyone on her list be invited to bring a guest to her lavish nuptials. When Hannah, Vicki, Rob, Joe and Nancy one by one decline Bee’s generous offer, the frustrated bride dubs them the “Singles,” adrift on her seating chart as well as in life.