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Week of July 18, 2011

New in Paperback

Week of July 18, 2011

THE CONFESSION is John Grisham’s latest bestseller about a murderer who must try to save an innocent man from death row.

In SPIDER BONES by Kathy Reichs, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan tries to uncover the intriguing mystery linking three corpses found at three different locations.

The Confession by John Grisham - Legal Thriller


Travis Boyette raped and strangled a cheerleader, then watched as police and prosecutors sent football star Donté Drumm to death row. Now it’s nine years later, and Donté is days away from execution. For the first time in his life, Boyette decides to do what’s right. But how can a criminal convince lawyers, judges and politicians that they have the wrong guy?

Elegies for the Brokenhearted by Christie Hodgen - Historical Fiction

Who are the people you’ll never forget? For Mary Murphy, there are five, eulogized here in an utterly unforgettable voice. Mary tells the story of her own life—her childhood spent trading one home and father figure for another, her efforts to track down her rebellious sister, and her winding search for purpose—through her experiences and encounters with the people who shaped her path. The result is an unconventional and moving story about identity, family, and belonging.

The Heretic's Wife by Brenda Rickman Vantrease - Historical Fiction

From the bestselling author of The Illuminator comes a magnificent tale about the power of love and the perils of faith.

How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly by Connie May Fowler - Paranormal Romance

How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly is the transcendent story of a young woman who, in a twenty-four hour period, journeys through startling moments of self-discovery that lead her to a courageous and life-altering decision.

Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay - Thriller

A warm summer Saturday. An amusement park. David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife and their four-year-old son. But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance. 

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs - Thriller

SPIDER BONES begins in the Canadian region of the Adirondack Mountains where a corpse is discovered by a local fisherman. This body of a middle-aged man is found in a compromising position --- wrapped in plastic and garbed partially in female undergarments. It seems like the victim was the subject of an act of auto-erotica gone wrong. The problem begins when it comes time to figure out who he is. The prints identify him as John Lowery, who supposedly was killed 40 years earlier in Vietnam.

A Stranger in Mayfair by Charles Finch - Historical Mystery

Nero and Agatha Award nominee Charles Finch’s fourth installment in the Charles Lenox series, following THE FLEET STREET MURDERS, is set in London’s tony Mayfair section near Hyde Park, as the American Civil War draws to a close. Amateur sleuth Lenox returns from a summer-long continental honeymoon with his bride, Lady Jane Grey.