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Father's Day Books 2014

Father's Day

Father's Day Books 2014

As we approach the start of summer, we are blessed with the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for our fathers. They give us so much over the years --- love, encouragement, advice --- and Father’s Day is a special time to give back. And what better gift is there than a book, especially one about faith and fatherhood? To help out, we’ve compiled a list of titles that make perfect Father's Day presents. These works of fiction and nonfiction celebrate the things our dads do well and encourage them in their relationships, both with their family and with God. So, on June 15th, be sure to take time out of your day to thank the fathers in your life for all they’ve done.

52 Things Sons Need from Their Dads: What Fathers Can Do to Build a Lasting Relationship by Jay Payleitner - Parenting

Bestselling author Jay Payleitner, dad of four grown sons (and one amazing daughter), gives you a bucketful of man-friendly ideas on how build a father-and-son relationship. These 52 quick-to-read chapters offer great ways to relate or spend time as dad and son. And each idea provides a new building block for a father-son relationship that will help your boy along the path to becoming a man.

The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg - Historical Thriller

As the Nazi war machine rolls across Europe, young Jacob Weisz is forced to flee his beloved Germany and join an underground resistance group in Belgium. But when a rescue operation goes horribly wrong, Jacob finds himself trapped in a crowded cattle car headed to southern Poland. Sentenced to hard labor in the Auschwitz labor camp, Jacob forms an unlikely alliance with Jean-Luc Leclerc, a former assistant pastor who was imprisoned for helping Jews. They’ve been chosen for one of the most daring and dangerous feats imaginable --- escape from Auschwitz.

Bad Dads of the Bible: 8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid by Roland Warren - Parenting

Some of the most noted, celebrated and godly men in the Bible made some very big mistakes when it came to raising their children. BAD DADS OF THE BIBLE examines these mistakes, brings them into a contemporary setting and gives today’s dads much needed advice on how to avoid them. Moreover, should a dad make these common mistakes, this book will give him practical advice to help him repair his relationships with his children. 

Be the Dad She Needs You to Be: The Indelible Imprint a Father Leaves on His Daughter's Life by Dr. Kevin Leman - Parenting

The relationship that matters most to your daughter isn't the one with her mother --- it's the one with you, Dad. Her self-esteem, choices, behavior, character, and even her ideas about or choice of a marriage partner are all directly tied to you. In BE THE DAD SHE NEEDS YOU TO BE, Dr. Kevin Leman will show you how to get the fathering job done well.

Being a Dad Who Leads by John MacArthur - Parenting

As a Christian father, you bear a tremendous responsibility --- to raise your children through both biblical instruction and personal example. But how can you succeed in a society that attacks the role of fatherhood and godly family values? Are you sometimes tempted to give in or give up? Join pastor-teacher John MacArthur as he looks at fatherhood through the lens of Christianity.

A Dad After God's Own Heart: Becoming the Father Your Kids Need by Jim George - Parenting

What makes for a great dad? It's not as overwhelming as you might think. It all starts with having a heart for God, and a heart for your kids. In A DAD AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART, bestselling author Jim George shares the simple basics for how to be a good dad with your kids. As you commit to learning how to be a good dad, you'll draw closer to your children and find fatherhood to be an incredible blessing.

A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life by Rob Teigen and Joanna Teigen - Parenting/Prayer

From the moment your little girl was born, you knew you were going to be doing a lot of praying. But you may wonder, What exactly should I be praying for? Now the authors of 88 GREAT DADDY-DAUGHTER DATES show you how to pray for every area of your daughter's life. Rob and Joanna Teigen give you a strong foundation to build a lifelong habit of prayer for your daughter with a collection of specific prayers you can use to get started right now.

Dad Time: Savoring the God-Given Moments of Fatherhood by Max Lucado - Parenting

Dads are a one-of-a-kind bunch. They can be strong and stern, yet heartfelt and gentle. They are always there to provide, lend a helping hand, or be our biggest cheerleader. Max Lucado perfectly captures the heartfelt sentiments that millions of readers share on what it’s like to be a dad. Filled with quotes and stories compiled from books by Max, this gift book is brimming with inspiring thoughts on fatherhood from one of America’s favorite authors.

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The Good Dad: Becoming the Father You Were Meant to Be by Jim Daly - Parenting

Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, is an expert in fatherhood --- in part because his own "fathers" failed him so badly. His biological dad was an alcoholic, his stepfather deserted him, and his foster father accused Jim of trying to kill him. Using his own expertise, humor and inexhaustible wealth of stories, Jim will show you that God can make you a good dad, a great dad, in spite of the way you've grown up and in spite of the mistakes you've made.

God Took Me by the Hand: A Story of God's Unusual Providence by Jerry Bridges - Memoir

Jerry Bridges’s life is a remarkable story of God’s providence. From “a most unpromising beginning,” he joined the Navy, went to college, became an engineer, joined The Navigators as a missionary, and eventually became a bestselling author. In this book, Jerry illustrates through his story --- and then summarizes for the reader --- seven key “spiritual lessons” that God has taught him through his 83 years. These lessons can be passed on to any believer.

Home Run: Learn God's Game Plan for Life and Leadership by Kevin Myers and John C. Maxwell - Religion & Spirituality/Leadership

For five hard years, Christian leader Kevin Myers struggled personally and professionally. But it was during that time that God pointed out where he was going wrong and showed him the biblical pattern for living. During that time, John Maxwell also became his mentor. Together, using a baseball diamond as an analogy for following God's plan for life, Myers and Maxwell provide a clear path forward while helping you keep your priorities in order and your eyes on the prize.

Know When to Hold 'Em: The High Stakes Game of Fatherhood by John Blase - Parenting

Far from the conventional parenting book, KNOW WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM will encourage readers as they see parenting and fatherhood through a new lens --- that of adventurer, risk-taker. John Blase moves into new territory to invite fathers and parents to look at the risk and challenge --- and great rewards of parenting --- as he invites readers into his imperfect, yet loveable home.

Life Lessons for Dad: Tea Parties, Tutus and All Things Pink by Michael Mitchell - Parenting

Drawn from the popular "Life to Her Years" blog, this instantly likable gift book for dads with daughters pairs endearing photographs with hundreds of plainspoken parenting truths and advices that are uniquely funny, wise, heartwarming, mind-blowing --- sometimes all at once. The perfect present for Father’s Day, other milestone occasions, or just for fun, LIFE LESSONS FOR DAD is a full-color reminder of the social and spiritual responsibilities that parenthood requires.

Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood by Josh Turner - Christian Living/Family Life

In this compilation, Josh Turner shares fun and meaningful thoughts and personal stories --- ranging from his childhood years to today --- and weaves in spiritual insight for men who want to be better dads, husbands and men of God. He covers a variety of topics, such as living and working with integrity, facing your fears, surrounding yourself with good company, trusting God’s plans --- topics every man can relate to and draw from to grow in his spiritual and personal journeys.

Parenting the Wholehearted Child: Captivating Your Child's Heart with God's Extravagant Grace by Jeannie Cunnion - Parenting

Are you exhausted from the pressure to be a perfect parent raising perfect children in this imperfect world? Do you ever wonder, "How did these precious children get stuck with a parent like me?" If so, let these grace-drenched pages saturate your heart with God's unfailing love while also equipping you to be a vessel of God's unconditional love to your children.

A Short Walk to the Edge of Life: How My Simple Adventure Became a Dance with Death --- and Taught Me What Really Matters by Scott Hubbartt - Memoir

It was supposed to be a simple day hike. Scott Hubbartt was a military veteran with years of survival training. Everyone who knew him considered him an expert adventurer. But Scott's trek into the treacherous backcountry canyons of the Peruvian Andes turned into a desperate fight to survive after he became hopelessly lost. As his eight-hour hike lengthened into days, Scott faced dehydration, hunger and exhaustion. And that’s when his true journey began.

Sky Zone: The Crittendon Files, Book 3 by Creston Mapes - Mystery/Suspense

After months out of work as a reporter, Jack Crittendon is working part-time at Festival Arena with his survivalist friend, Brian Shakespeare. Meanwhile, his wife, Pamela, has gone back to work full-time while eight months pregnant. Jack reports for duty at a rally for controversial presidential candidate Martin Sterling. When Homeland Security picks up intel about a potential terrorist threat, Jack and Brian are thrust into a life-or-death battle to save their own lives --- and the lives of thousands of innocent people.