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Claudia Ann Seaman Awards 2010


Claudia Ann Seaman Awards 2010

The Claudia Ann Seaman Award for Young Writers was created by the Seaman family in memory of their daughter and sister, a young poet. The CAS Award acknowledges excellence in teen writing in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.


Poetry Winner
Joshua from Dubai
Poem: "A Regular Entropy"

Poetry Honorable Mentions
Jackson from Savannah, GA
Poem: "Drive Like Your Mother"

Reina from Mildrod, NJ
Poem: "Fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Co."

Margaret from Interlochen, MN
Poem: "Friends"

Fiction Winner
Julia from Portland, ME
Poem: "Yellow"

Fiction Honorable Mention
Kai Yning from Vancover, B.C. Canada
Poem: "Miracles"

Creative Nonfiction Winner
Jessica from Victoria, B.C. Cananda
Poem: "White Horse"

Creative Nonfiction Honorable Mention
Sarah from Allendale, NJ
Poem: "Non-custodial Parents, Supervisors, and the Group that Understands"