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2012 Easter Titles

Easter Books

2012 Easter Titles

As we approach Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we enter a season of rediscovery and rebirth. We at have selected titles from a wide array of genres and authors to help you reexamine your faith and relationship with God and others. May these books help you enrich your faith, deepen your prayer life, and guide you through this time of solemn reflection and joyous renewal. We hope that you and your family have a blessed Easter season.

1,000 Days: The Ministry of Christ by Jonathan Falwell - Christian Life

For three years --- roughly 1,000 days --- Jesus served in public ministry while on earth. He didn’t need to do this ministry, yet he did anyway, and that’s the key for us. This intentionality implies that there is a lot of information in Scripture that we need to grapple with. We need to understand what Jesus said and did during his 1,000-day public ministry, so we can apply his teachings to our lives today.

Amazing Encounters with God: Stories to Open Your Eyes to His Power by Clayton King - Christian Living


Through these firsthand stories, believers will freshly see they can be amazed by God…as Clayton is after poking around in a dark church basement, meeting a drunken millionaire on an airplane, or having a surprise encounter with the IRS. A great reminder that God uses ordinary things to reveal Himself.

At the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers by John MacArthur - Christian Living


This collection of powerful Scripture readings and prayers is drawn from John MacArthur’s 40 years of ministry as a Bible teacher. This resource will guide readers before God’s throne of grace... giving them a renewed passion and appreciation for Him.

Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing the Playful, Disruptive, Extravagant Personality of Jesus by John Eldredge - Christian Living/Spiritual Growth


Reading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off. The result is a dry, two-dimensional person doing strange, undecipherable things. In BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW, John Eldredge removes the religious varnish to help readers discover stunning new insights into the humanity of Jesus.

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life Beyond This World by Kevin Malarkey - Memoir


In 2004, Kevin Malarkey and his six-year-old son, Alex, suffered a horrific car accident. The impact from the crash paralyzed Alex --- and medically speaking, it was unlikely he could survive. But two months later, Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share. This is the true story of an ordinary boy’s most extraordinary journey of meeting Jesus.

Cast of Characters: Lost & Found: Encounters with the Living God by Max Lucado - Christian Living


I once was lost, but now am found. The stories that pepper the pages of Scripture tell us of a God who finds the lost. A God who gives grace and changes lives forever. Join master storyteller Max Lucado on a journey through the stories of some of his favorite characters who encountered the living God. Those who were lost have been found. And the same God who redeemed their lives can redeem yours too.

The Donkey That No One Could Ride written by Anthony DeStefano, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey - Picture Book

Bestselling author Anthony DeStefano begins his creative telling of the beloved Bible story of Christ’s triumphant entry by introducing the young donkey who has yet to realize his important mission. The lowly creature believes he can do nothing noble, but that’s before he meets the Master.

Experience Your Bible by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell - Christian Living

The McDowells proclaim God’s original design --- the Scriptures are His way to reveal Himself so He can enjoy a relationship with people. Experiencing the Bible enables intimacy with God, the relational experience of things like acceptance, joy and comfort, and Bible study that helps believers more deeply love God Himself.

God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours by Max Lucado - Christian Life/Spiritual Growth


Be inspired to see how your day-to-day story intersects with God’s grand, overarching epic of everlasting redemption. Your journey of faith will come alive as you explore the divine narrative through New Testament and contemporary characters, and discover how the Bible reveals God’s plan for you today.

He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart by Max Lucado - Christian Living


Max Lucado invites you to examine the cross, contemplate its purpose, and celebrate its significance in HE CHOSE THE NAILS. Go ahead and linger on the hill of Calvary. Rub a finger on the timber and press the nail into your hand. Taste the tinge of cheap wine and feel the scrape of a thorn on your brow. Listen as they tell you why the hope of all humanity balances on the truth of the claims of the cross. See just how much God did to win your heart.

The Lucado Inspirational Reader by Max Lucado - Inspirational


For more than 25 years, you've trusted Max Lucado to walk with you as you ponder these essential truths. This collection of his very best illustrations, stories, and one-liners guides you through his signature themes and life's most important matters. Return to these words time and again for a dose of hope and encouragement straight from Max's heart to yours.

The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense by Mark Mittelberg - Apologetic


Everyone wants to believe in something beyond or someone bigger than themselves, but nobody wants to be duped. In order to provide answers to people who are seeking the truth, Mark Mittelberg updates for today the classic book by Robert Laidlaw that sold millions, THE REASON WHY. This short book gives clear, concise reasons why belief in God makes sense.

Selections from One Thousand Gifts: Finding Joy in What Really Matters by Ann Voskamp - Christian Life/Inspirational


This timeless keepsake gift book edition of the original, beautifully practical guide to living a life of joy --- ONE THOUSAND GIFTS --- now includes full-color photographs from Ann Voskamp with text on how and what to celebrate. Here you will discover through exquisite words and pictures a way of seeing that opens your eyes to deep and lasting joy.

Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit Jim Cymbala with Jennifer Schuchmann - Christian Life/Spiritual Growth


Award-winning author and Brooklyn Tabernacle pastor Jim Cymbala combines biblical insights about the work of the Spirit with powerful stories of how the Spirit is moving today in order to help readers experience more of the Spirit’s power and presence in their lives.

Then Sings My Soul, Book 3: The Story of Our Songs: Drawing Strength from the Great Hymns of Our Faith by Robert J. Morgan - Devotional


In 2003, Robert Morgan released what would become a future classic for over a million readers, a unique book entitled THEN SINGS MY SOUL. This collection of the world’s greatest hymns and the stories behind them stirred an entire generation to better understand the heritage of our faith through song. Now the third installment is finally here.

Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President by Jimmy Carter - Christian Life/Spiritual Growth


In this unique devotional, former President Jimmy Carter dips into the life lessons God has taught him over three remarkable decades of practical Bible teaching delivered to his Sunday school classes in Plains, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. These one-of-a-kind devotions include personal stories from Carter and prayers for each day of the year.

Understanding Jesus: Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ by Joe Amaral - Christian Living


Modern-day Christians often bring their own presuppositions and assumptions to the reading of the Bible, not realizing how deeply their understanding of Christ's life and teachings is affected by a 21st-century worldview. Joe Amaral delves deep into Jewish history, societal mores and cultural traditions, closing the gap created by both many miles of geographical distance and over 2,000 years of history.

Why Is There a Cross? written by Kathleen Long Bostrom, illustrated by Elena Kucharik - Picture Book


The delightful Little Blessings books featuring four multicultural children are now available in softcover, too! WHY IS THERE A CROSS? tackles the difficult subject of Christ's death. This read-to-me book explains both the how and the why of Christ's death in simple words and pictures that communicate the wonder of his sacrifice.