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Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

December 2021


41-Love : A Memoir by Scarlett Thomas - Autobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Sports

Counterpoint | 9781640094765 | Published December 7, 2021

48 Hours to Kill: A Thriller by Andrew Bourelle - Crime, Fiction, Thriller

Crooked Lane Books | 9781643858401 | Published December 7, 2021

Serving a 10-year sentence in a Nevada prison for armed robbery, Ethan Lockhart hopes that he can one day become a productive, law-abiding member of society. But society has other plans for Ethan. When he’s given a 48-hour furlough to attend his sister Abby’s funeral, he learns that her body was never found --- just enough blood to declare her dead instead of missing --- and he begins to suspect that there’s more to her death than was reported. Ethan decides to use his 48-hour window to find out what happened. But to get to the bottom of the mystery, he’ll have to return to his unsavory past.

A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Thriller

Atria Books | 9781982164805 | Published December 7, 2021

Travis Wren has an unusual talent for locating missing people. When he takes on the case of Maggie St. James he’s led to a place many believed to be only a legend. Called Pastoral, this reclusive community was founded in the 1970s by like-minded people searching for a simpler way of life. Soon after Travis stumbles upon it…he disappears. Years later, Theo, a lifelong member of Pastoral, discovers Travis’s abandoned truck beyond the border of the community. No one is allowed in or out, not when there’s a risk of bringing a disease --- rot --- into Pastoral. Unraveling the mystery of what happened reveals secrets that Theo, his wife, Calla, and her sister, Bee, keep from one another. Secrets that prove their perfect, isolated world isn’t as safe as they believed --- and that darkness takes many forms.
Apparently There Were Complaints: A Memoir by Sharon Gless - Autobiography, Entertainment, Memoir, Nonfiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781501125959 | Published December 7, 2021

Anyone who has seen Sharon Gless act in Cagney and Lacey, Queer as Folk, Burn Notice, and countless other shows and movies, knows that she’s someone who gives every role her all. She holds nothing back in APPARENTLY THERE WERE COMPLAINTS, a hilarious, deeply personal memoir that spills all about Gless’s five decades in Hollywood. APPARENTLY THERE WERE COMPLAINTS delves into Gless’s remarkable career and explores Gless’s complicated family, her struggles with alcoholism, and her fear of romantic commitment as well as her encounters with some of the Hollywood’s biggest names. Brutally honest and incredibly relatable, Gless puts it all out on the page in the same way she has lived --- never with moderation.
Beasts of a Little Land by Juhea Kim - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

Ecco | 9780063093577 | Published December 7, 2021

In 1917, deep in the snowy mountains of occupied Korea, an impoverished local hunter on the brink of starvation saves a young Japanese officer from an attacking tiger. In an instant, their fates are connected. In the aftermath, a young girl named Jade is sold by her family to Miss Silver’s courtesan school, an act of desperation that will cement her place in the lowest social status. When she befriends an orphan boy named JungHo, who scrapes together a living begging on the streets of Seoul, they form a deep friendship. As they come of age, JungHo is swept up in the revolutionary fight for independence, and Jade becomes a sought-after performer with a new romantic prospect of noble birth. Soon Jade must decide whether she will risk everything for the one who would do the same for her.
Boy Underground by Catherine Ryan Hyde - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Lake Union Publishing | 9781542021555 | Published December 7, 2021

1941. Steven Katz is the son of prosperous landowners in rural California. Although his parents don’t approve, he’s found true friends in Nick, Suki and Ollie, sons of field workers. But Steven is in turmoil. He’s beginning to acknowledge that his feelings for Nick amount to more than friendship. Nick, betrayed by his own father and accused of a crime he didn’t commit, turns to Steven for help. Hiding Nick in a root cellar on his family’s farm, Steven acts as Nick’s protector and lifeline to the outside world. As the war escalates, bonds deepen and the fear of being different falls away. But after Nick unexpectedly disappears one day, Steven’s life focus is to find him. 

Bright Burning Things by Lisa Harding - Family, Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction

HarperVia | 9780063097148 | Published December 7, 2021

Sonya used to perform on stage. She attended glamorous parties, dated handsome men, rode in fast cars. But somewhere along the way, the stage lights Sonya lived for dimmed to black. In their absence, came darkness --- blackouts, empty cupboards, hazy nights she could not remember. Haunted by her failed career and lingering trauma from her childhood, Sonya fell deep into an alcoholic abyss. What kept her from losing herself completely was Tommy, her son. But her love for Tommy rivaled her love for the bottle. Addiction amplified her fear of losing her child; every maternal misstep compelled her to drink. Tommy’s precious life was in her shaky hands.  Eventually Sonya was forced to make a choice. Give up drinking or lose Tommy --- forever.
Bryant & May: London Bridge Is Falling Down: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery by Christopher Fowler - Fiction, Law, Mystery

Bantam | 9780593356210 | Published December 7, 2021

When 91-year-old Amelia Hoffman dies in her top-floor flat on a busy London road, it’s considered an example of what has gone wrong with modern society: she slipped through the cracks in a failing system. But detectives Arthur Bryant and John May of the Peculiar Crimes Unit have their doubts. Mrs. Hoffman was once a government security expert. When a link emerges between the old lady and a diplomat trying to flee the country, it seems that an impossible murder has been committed. With the help of some of their more certifiable informants, the detectives follow the strangest of clues in an investigation that will lead them through forgotten alleyways to the city’s oldest bridge in search of a desperate killer. But just when the case appears to be solved, they discover that Mrs. Hoffman was smarter than anyone imagined. There’s a bigger game afoot that could have terrible consequences.
Creative Types: and Other Stories by Tom Bissell - Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Short Stories

Pantheon | 9781524749156 | Published December 7, 2021

A young and ingratiating assistant to a movie star makes a blunder that puts his boss and a major studio at grave risk. A long-married couple hires an escort for a threesome in order to rejuvenate their relationship. A Bush administration lawyer wakes up on an abandoned airplane, trapped in a nightmare of his own making. In these and other stories, Tom Bissell vividly renders the complex worlds of characters on the brink of artistic and personal crises --- writers, video-game developers, actors, and other creative types who see things slightly differently from the rest of us. With its surreal, poignant, and sometimes squirm-inducing stories, CREATIVE TYPES is a brilliant new offering from one the most versatile and talented writers working in America today.
Crown & Sceptre: A New History of the British Monarchy, from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II by Tracy Borman - History, Nonfiction

Atlantic Monthly Press | 9780802159106 | Published December 7, 2021

Since William the Conqueror, duke of Normandy, crossed the English Channel in 1066 to defeat King Harold II and unite England’s various kingdoms, 41 kings and queens have sat on Britain’s throne. Ironically, during very few of these 955 years has the throne’s occupant been unambiguously English --- the Norman French, the Welsh-born Tudors, the Scottish Stuarts, and the Hanoverians and their German successors to the present day have dominated the throne. Appealing to the intrinsic fascination with British royalty, Borman lifts the veil to reveal the remarkable characters and personalities who have ruled.
Death under the Perseids by Teresa Dovalpage - Crime, Fiction, Mystery

Soho Crime | 9781641292160 | Published December 7, 2021

Mercedes Spivey and her husband, Nolan, win a five-day cruise to Cuba. Nolan’s current unemployment and their need to spice up their marriage make the decision a no-brainer. Once aboard, Mercedes is surprised to see two people she met through her ex-boyfriend Lorenzo: former University of Havana professor Selfa Segarra and down-on-his-luck Spanish writer Javier Jurado. Even stranger: they also received a free cruise. When Selfa disappears on their first day at sea, Mercedes and Javier begin to wonder if their presence on the cruise is more than coincidence. However, when Javier dies under mysterious circumstances after disembarking in Havana, and Nolan is nowhere to be found, Mercedes scrambles through the city looking for him, fearing her suspicions were correct all along.
Face the Music: A Memoir by Peter Duchin and Patricia Beard - Autobiography, Memoir, Music, Nonfiction

Doubleday | 9780385545877 | Published December 7, 2021

Days of recuperating from his stroke --- and later from a critical case of Covid-19 --- inspired Duchin to reconsider his complicated past. His father, the legendary bandleader Eddy Duchin, died when Peter was 12; his mother, Marjorie Oelrichs Duchin, died when he was just six days old. In the succeeding decades, Duchin would follow his father to become the epitome of mid-20th Century glamour. But it was only half a century later, in the aftermath of his sudden illnesses, that he began to see his mother and father not just as the parents he never had, but as the people he never got to know; and at the same time, to reconsider the milieu in which he has been both a symbol and a participant.
Garbo: Her Life, Her Films by Robert Gottlieb - Criticism, History, Movies, Nonfiction

Farrar, Straus and Giroux | 9780374298357 | Published December 7, 2021

“Wherever you look in the period between 1925 and 1941,” Robert Gottlieb writes in GARBO, “Greta Garbo is in people’s minds, hearts, and dreams.” Strikingly glamorous and famously inscrutable, she managed, in 16 short years, to infiltrate the world’s subconscious; the end of her film career, when she was 36, only made her more irresistible. She was a Swedish peasant girl, uneducated, naïve, and always on her guard. When she arrived in Hollywood, aged 19, she spoke barely a word of English and was completely unprepared for the ferocious publicity that quickly adhered to her as, almost overnight, she became the world’s most famous actress.
Hidden Treasures: A Novel of First Love, Second Chances, and the Hidden Stories of the Heart by Michelle Adams - Family Life, Fiction, Romance

William Morrow | 9780063019614 | Published December 7, 2021

In a small village in southern France, a pretty, willful English girl is falling in love. Frances Langley has fallen under Benoit’s romantic spell, so sure is she that he is everything she’s ever wanted. But Frances is hiding a secret, and to hold on to his love, she is willing to do anything for him, even put herself at risk by hiding a precious object. Years later, Frances’s son, Harry, opens the door of his late mother’s home, never expecting to see Tabitha on the other side. Their angry parting had broken his heart, but now she holds a letter, sent by his mother just before her death, begging the pair to search for a priceless jewelry box. Together they learn that the true riches are not those buried in the clutter of Francis’s cottage, but are instead the treasures they each hold, buried deep inside their hearts. 
It's Getting Dark: Stories by Peter Stamm - Fiction, Short Stories

Other Press | 9781635420302 | Published December 7, 2021

Snowed in at a remote artists’ residency in Vermont, Peter recalls another Christmas some 30 years earlier, when he met Marcia by chance on a trip to New York City. When Hubert asks Sabrina to model for a sculpture, she’s flattered and happy to help. But facing the finished product, looking at herself from previously hidden angles, disturbs her, and she becomes determined to follow her double after it’s sold to a collector. Uneasy in his own skin and with the humdrum life set out for him, David decides to rob a bank. We think we know our world, but then the familiar suddenly turns strange, and even frightening. In these powerfully affecting, minutely constructed stories, Peter Stamm illustrates how fragile our reality really is, how susceptible to tricks of the heart and mind.

Mothers, Fathers, and Others by Siri Hustvedt - Essays, Family Life, Nonfiction, Parenting

Simon & Schuster | 9781982176396 | Published December 7, 2021

Described as “a 21st-century Virginia Woolf” in the Literary Review (UK), Man Booker longlisted Hustvedt displays her expansive intellect and interdisciplinary knowledge in this collection that moves effortlessly between stories of her mother, grandmother, and daughter to artistic mothers, Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, and Lousie Bourgeois, to the broader meanings of maternal in a culture shaped by misogyny and fantasies of paternal authority. MOTHERS, FATHERS, AND OTHERS is a polymath’s journey into urgent questions about familial love and hate, human prejudice and cruelty, and the transformative power of art.
Murder Under Her Skin: A Pentecost and Parker Mystery by Stephen Spotswood - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Doubleday | 9780385547123 | Published December 7, 2021

Someone’s put a blade in the back of the Amazing Tattooed Woman, and Willowjean “Will” Parker’s former knife-throwing mentor has been stitched up for the crime. To uncover the truth, Will and her boss, world-famous detective Lillian Pentecost, travel south to the circus. She called Hart and Halloway’s Travelling Circus and Sideshow home for five years, and Ruby Donner, the circus’s tattooed ingenue, was her friend. To make matters worse the prime suspect is Valentin Kalishenko, the man who taught Will everything she knows about putting a knife where it needs to go. The two swiftly find themselves lost in a funhouse of lies as Will begins to realize that her former circus compatriots aren’t playing it straight, and that her murdered friend might have been hiding a lot of secrets beneath all that ink. 
New York's Finest: Stories of the NYPD and the Hero Cops Who Saved the City by Michael Daly - Biography, Law, Nonfiction

Twelve | 9781538764336 | Published December 7, 2021

The gritty, true blue story of two remarkable cops and an equally extraordinary nurse who provided the spirit and smarts that transformed Fear City into the safest big city in America.

Observations by Gaslight: Stories from the World of Sherlock Holmes by Lyndsay Faye - Fiction, Mystery

Mysterious Press | 9781613162613 | Published December 7, 2021

Beloved adventuress Irene Adler teams up with her former adversary in a near-deadly inquiry into a room full of eerily stopped grandfather clocks. Learn of the case that cemented the lasting friendship between Holmes and Inspector Lestrade, and of the tragic crime which haunted the Yarder into joining the police force. And witness Stanley Hopkins’ first meeting with the remote logician he idolizes, who will one day become his devoted mentor.  

Rogue Asset by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson - Adventure, Fiction, Military

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780399171215 | Published December 7, 2021

Secretary of State Frank Malone has been kidnapped from his Cairo hotel --- his security detail wiped out. President Natalie Cohen is left with several unacceptable options. It's time to think outside the box, and that can only mean one thing: the revival of the Presidential Agent program. Cohen calls for Charley Castillo to come out of retirement to direct a new Presidential Agent, one Captain P. K. "Pick" McCoy, USMC. Charley may be too old to kick down doors and take names, but Killer McCoy is just the man to get the job done. Together, they will track the kidnapped secretary from Cairo to sub-Saharan Africa. The only problem is that one man can't hope to win against an army of terrorists...good thing there are two of them.
Sea Hawke by Ted Bell - Adventure, Espionage, Fiction, Thriller

Berkley | 9780593101230 | Published December 7, 2021

After saving the kidnapped heir to the British throne, gentleman spy and MI6 legend Alex Hawke is due for some downtime. He’s got a new custom built sailing yacht and a goal: to get closer to his son Alexi during an epic cruise across the seven seas. But fate and the chief of MI6, Lord David Trulove, have other plans. There’s an unholy alliance of nations who are plotting to attack Western democracies. The wily intelligence leader plans to use Hawke to drive a knife into the heart of this conspiracy. From an island base off Cuba to a secret jungle lair deep in the Amazon, on the land and the seas, the master spy and his crew of incorrigibles are in for the fight of their lives --- the fight for freedom.
Sea State: A Memoir by Tabitha Lasley - Autobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction

Ecco | 9780063030831 | Published December 7, 2021

In her mid 30s and newly free from a terrible relationship, Tabitha Lasley quit her job at a London magazine, packed her bags, and poured her savings into a six-month lease on an apartment in Aberdeen, Scotland. She decided to make good on a long-deferred idea for a book about oil rigs and the men who work on them. Why oil rigs? She wanted to see what men were like with no women around. SEA STATE is on the one hand a portrait of an overlooked industry: “offshore” is a way of life for generations of primarily working-class men and also a potent metaphor for those parts of life we keep at bay --- class, masculinity, the transactions of desire, and the awful slipperiness of a ladder that could, if we tried hard enough, lead us to security.
Sharpe's Assassin by Bernard Cornwell - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Military

Harper | 9780062563262 | Published December 7, 2021

SHARPE IS BACK. Outsider. Hero. Rogue. And the one man you want on your side.
So Far and Good by John Straley - Fiction, Humor, Mystery

Soho Press | 9781641292535 | Published December 7, 2021

The verdict from the three-judge panel is in. Cecil Younger has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for his involvement in . . . well, a number of things, ranging from destruction of private property to killing a guy. When he isn't reading Adrienne Rich or James Baldwin, Cecil spends his time filling up large yellow legal pads. He writes, mostly, about his teenage daughter, Blossom, who is on a Nancy Drew–like quest to help her friend, George, discover the truth about her biological parents. George learns she is the infamous "Baby Jane Doe" who was kidnapped from her Native mother shortly after she was born. George's reunion with her birth family isn’t the heartwarming story the journalists hoped it would be. There is an even darker secret about the baby-snatching case, a secret threatens to destroy not just George’s family --- but Cecil’s as well.
Tell Me How to Be by Neel Patel - Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction

Flatiron Books | 9781250184979 | Published December 7, 2021

Renu Amin always seemed perfect: doting husband, beautiful house, healthy sons. But as the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death approaches, Renu is binge-watching soap operas and simmering with old resentments. In Los Angeles, her son, Akash, has everything he ever wanted, but as he tries to kickstart his songwriting career and commit to his boyfriend, he is haunted by the painful memories he fled a decade ago. When his mother tells him she is selling the family home, Akash returns to Illinois, hoping to finally say goodbye and move on. When their pasts catch up to them, Renu and Akash must decide between the lives they left behind and the ones they’ve since created, between making each other happy and setting themselves free.