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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

July 2021


Choose Me by Tess Gerritsen and Gary Braver - Fiction, Mystery, Police Procedural

Thomas & Mercer | 9781542026154 | Published July 1, 2021

Taryn Moore is young, beautiful and why would she kill herself? When Detective Frankie Loomis arrives on the scene to investigate the girl’s fatal plunge from her apartment balcony, she knows in her gut there’s more to the story. After Frankie uncovers a trove of sordid secrets, it becomes clear that English professor Jack Dorian may know the truth. He is guilty of deception, but is he capable of cold-blooded murder?

Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson - Fiction, Psychological Thriller

Thomas & Mercer | 9781542028691 | Published July 1, 2021

When her beloved sister Caroline dies suddenly, Deirdre is heartbroken. However, her sorrow turns to bone-chilling confusion when she receives a message Caroline sent days earlier. The message claimed Caroline’s husband, Theo, killed his first wife and got away with it. Paranoid and armed with just enough information to make her dangerous, Deirdre digs into the disturbing secrets buried with Caroline. But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that her own life may be at risk...and that there may be more than one killer in the family.

Build Your House Around My Body by Violet Kupersmith - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Magical Realism

Random House | 9780812993325 | Published July 6, 2021

Two young women go missing decades apart. Both are fearless, both are lost. And both will have their revenge. The fates of these two women are inescapably linked, bound together by past generations, by ghosts and ancestors, by the history of possessed bodies and possessed lands. Alongside them, we meet a young boy who is sent to a boarding school for the métis children of French expatriates, just before Vietnam declares its independence from colonial rule; two Frenchmen who are trying to start a business with the Vietnam War on the horizon; and the employees of the Saigon Spirit Eradication Co., who find themselves investigating strange occurrences in a farmhouse on the edge of a forest. Each new character and timeline brings us one step closer to understanding what binds them all. 
Dear Miss Metropolitan by Carolyn Ferrell - African American Interest, Fiction, Women's Fiction

Henry Holt and Co. | 9781250793614 | Published July 6, 2021

Fern seeks refuge via Soul Train. Gwin finds salvation in the music of Prince. And Jesenia is a brainy and precocious enigma. None of this matters to Boss Man, the monster who abducts them and holds them captive in a dilapidated house in Queens. The night they are rescued, throngs line the block gawking and claiming ignorance. Among them is lifetime resident Miss Metropolitan, advice columnist for the local weekly. But how could anyone who fancies herself a “newspaperwoman” have missed a horror story unfolding across the street? And why is it that only two of the three girls --- now women --- were found? The mystery haunts the two remaining “victim girls” who are subjected to the further trauma of becoming symbols as they continuously adapt to their present and their unrelenting past.

Dog Eat Dog: An Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt - Fiction, Mystery

Minotaur Books | 9781250257123 | Published July 6, 2021

Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his wife, Laurie, enjoy walking their dogs, Tara and Sebastian. By this point in their marriage, it’s routine. When out for one of their strolls, their simple ritual isn’t so simple anymore. Across the street, a man is mistreating his dog. Three things happen at once: Andy yells, Laurie runs to stop the abuse and so does a closer passerby, who so thoroughly beats the owner that both are arrested when the cops arrive. Andy scoops up the dog and takes him to the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization that’s always been his true passion. Meanwhile, at the police station, the passerby is identified as Matthew Jantzen, and he’s wanted for murder. Andy and Laurie are struck by the fact that Jantzen, a man on the run, would intervene to help a dog and decide to find out more.

Fallen by Linda Castillo - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250142924 | Published July 6, 2021

When a young woman is found murdered in a Painters Mill motel, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is shocked to discover she once knew the victim. Rachael Schwartz was a charming but troubled Amish girl who left the fold years ago. Rachael was the only girl who was as bad at being Amish as Kate was. As a child, Rachael was a rowdy rulebreaker whose decision to leave devastated her parents and best friend. As an adult, her no-holds-barred lifestyle earned her a lot of love and enemies aplenty. As the case heats to a fever pitch and long-buried secrets resurface, a killer haunts Painters Mill. As Kate digs deeper, violence strikes again. Will Kate uncover the truth and bring a murderer to justice? Or, will a killer bent on protecting a terrible past stop her once and for all --- and let the fallen be forgotten?

Razorblade Tears by S. A. Cosby - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Flatiron Books | 9781250252708 | Published July 6, 2021

Ike Randolph has been out of jail for 15 years. But a Black man with cops at the door knows to be afraid. The last thing he expects to hear is that his son, Isiah, has been murdered, along with Isiah’s white husband, Derek. Ike had never fully accepted his son but is devastated by his loss. Derek’s father, Buddy Lee, was almost as ashamed of Derek for being gay as Derek was ashamed that his father was a criminal. Buddy Lee still has contacts in the underworld. Ike and Buddy Lee, two ex-cons with little in common, band together in their desperate desire for revenge. In their quest to do better for their sons in death than they did in life, Ike and Buddy Lee will confront their own prejudices about their sons and each other as they rain down vengeance upon those who hurt their boys. 

Tender Is the Bite by Spencer Quinn - Fiction, Mystery

Forge Books | 9781250770240 | Published July 6, 2021

Chet and Bernie are contacted by a terribly scared young woman who seems to want their help. Before she can even tell them her name, she flees in panic. But in that brief meeting, Chet sniffs out an important secret about her, a secret at the heart of the mystery he and Bernie set out to solve. It's a case with no client and no crime and yet great danger, with the duo facing a powerful politician who has a lot to lose. Their only hope lies with a ferret named Griffie, who adores Bernie. Is there room for a ferret in the Chet and Bernie relationship? That's the challenge Chet faces, the biggest of his career. Hanging in the balance are the lives of two mistreated young women and the future of the whole state.

The Empire's Ruin by Brian Staveley - Fantasy, Fiction

Tor Books | 9780765389909 | Published July 6, 2021

The Annurian Empire is disintegrating. The advantages it used for millennia have fallen to ruin. The ranks of the Kettral have been decimated from within, and the kenta gates, granting instantaneous travel across the vast lands of the empire, can no longer be used. In order to save the empire, one of the surviving Kettral must voyage beyond the edge of the known world through a land that warps and poisons all living things to find the nesting ground of the giant war hawks. Meanwhile, a monk turned con-artist may hold the secret to the kenta gates. But time is running out. Deep within the southern reaches of the empire, an ancient god-like race has begun to stir. What they discover will change them and the Annurian Empire forever --- if they can survive.

An Ambush of Widows by Jeff Abbott - Domestic Thriller, Fiction, Psychological Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538719145 | Published July 6, 2021

Henry North is a down-on-his-luck cybersecurity expert from New Orleans. Adam Zhang is the cofounder of one of Austin’s most successful venture capitalist firms. These two men didn’t know each other. Yet they died together, violently, in a place neither had any business being. When Henry doesn’t return from a business trip, his wife, Kirsten, gets an anonymous phone call: “Your husband is dead in Austin.” Flora Zhang knew her husband was keeping secrets. She suspected an affair, but she had decided she could forgive him for his weakness --- until her husband ended up dead. And with no explanation for her husband’s murder, the police begin to suspect her. Together, these two widows will face a powerful foe determined to write a false narrative about the murders.

An Irish Hostage by Charles Todd - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

William Morrow | 9780062859853 | Published July 6, 2021

In Ireland, in the wake of the bloody 1916 Easter Rising, anyone who served in France is now considered a traitor, including nurse Eileen Flynn and former soldier Michael Sullivan, who only want to be married in the village where she grew up. Even her grandmother is against it. Bess Crawford had promised to be there for the wedding. And in spite of the danger to her, she keeps that promise --- only to be met with the shocking news that the groom has vanished. Eileen begs for her help, but how can Bess hope to find him when she doesn’t know the country, the people or where to put her trust? With only an Irish outlaw and a man being hunted for murder on her side, how can she possibly save herself, much less stop a killer? 

Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Pegasus Books | 9781643137506 | Published July 6, 2021

This brand-new translation of BETWEEN TWO KINGS immediately picks up the story and themes of BLOOD ROYAL, where d’Artagnan tries to thwart destiny by saving England’s Charles I. Now, he will be instrumental in the restoration of his son, Charles II, the first of the two kings of the title. Disappointed in the irresolution of young Louis XIV, d’Artagnan takes a leave of absence from the King’s Musketeers and ventures to England with a bold plan to hoist Charles II onto his throne, a swashbuckling escapade in which he is unwittingly assisted by his old comrade Athos. D’Artagnan returns triumphant to France, where he is recalled to service by the second king, Louis XIV, who is now finally ready to take full advantage of the extraordinary talents of his officer of musketeers.

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead by Emily Austin - Fiction, Gay & Lesbian, Literary

Atria Books | 9781982167356 | Published July 6, 2021

Gilda, a twenty-something, atheist, animal-loving lesbian, cannot stop ruminating about death. Desperate for relief from her panicky mind and alienated from her repressive family, she responds to a flyer for free therapy at a local Catholic church, and finds herself being greeted by Father Jeff, who assumes she’s there for a job interview. Gilda is abruptly hired to replace the recently deceased receptionist Grace. But when the police discover suspicious circumstances surrounding Grace’s death, Gilda may have to finally reveal the truth of her mortifying existence.

Falling by T. J. Newman - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster | 9781982177881 | Published July 6, 2021

You just boarded a flight to New York. There are 143 other passengers onboard. What you don’t know is that 30 minutes before the flight, your pilot’s family was kidnapped. For his family to live, everyone on your plane must die. The only way the family will survive is if the pilot follows his orders and crashes the plane. Enjoy the flight.

Fox and I: An Uncommon Friendship by Catherine Raven - Friendship, Memoir, Nonfiction

Spiegel & Grau | 9781954118003 | Published July 6, 2021

When Catherine Raven finished her PhD in biology, she built herself a tiny cottage on an isolated plot of land in Montana. She viewed it as a way station, a temporary rest stop where she could gather her nerves and fill out applications for what she hoped would be a real job that would help her fit into society. In the meantime, she taught remotely and led field classes in nearby Yellowstone National Park. Then one day she realized that a mangy-looking fox was showing up on her property every afternoon at 4:15 p.m. She sat as close to him as she dared and began reading to him from THE LITTLE PRINCE. Her scientific training had taught her not to anthropomorphize animals, yet as she grew to know him, his personality revealed itself and they became friends.

Island Queen by Vanessa Riley - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

William Morrow | 9780063002845 | Published July 6, 2021

Born into slavery on the tiny Caribbean island of Monserrat, Doll bought her freedom --- and that of her sister and her mother --- from her Irish planter father and built a legacy of wealth and power as an entrepreneur, merchant, hotelier and planter that extended from the marketplaces and sugar plantations of Dominica and Barbados to a glittering luxury hotel in Demerara on the South American continent. Vanessa Riley’s novel brings Doll to vivid life as she rises above the harsh realities of slavery and colonialism by working the system and leveraging the competing attentions of the men in her life: a restless shipping merchant, Joseph Thomas; a wealthy planter hiding a secret, John Coseveldt Cells; and a roguish naval captain who will later become King William IV of England.

Kill All Your Darlings by David Bell - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Berkley | 9780593198667 | Published July 6, 2021

After years of struggling to write following the deaths of his wife and son, English professor Connor Nye publishes his first novel, a thriller about the murder of a young woman. There’s just one problem: Connor didn’t write the book. His missing student did. And then she appears on his doorstep, alive and well, threatening to expose him. Connor’s problems escalate when the police insist details in the novel implicate him in an unsolved murder from two years ago. Soon Connor discovers the crime is part of a disturbing scandal on campus and faces an impossible dilemma --- admit he didn’t write the book and lose his job or keep up the lie and risk everything. When another murder occurs, Connor must clear his name by unraveling the horrifying secrets buried in his student’s manuscript. 

Nine Lives by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Delacorte Press | 9781984821430 | Published July 6, 2021

After a carefree childhood, Mary Margaret Kelly came of age in the shadow of grief. Her father, a dashing daredevil Air Force pilot, died when she was nine. As the family moved from one city to the next, her mother warned her to beware of daredevil men and avoid risk at all cost. Following her mother’s advice, and forgoing the magic of first love with a high school boyfriend who was too wild to feel safe, Maggie instead sought out all the things her mother had lost --- a predictable partner, a stable home, and a regular paycheck. Until tragedy struck again. Now on her own, Maggie decides to face her fears, setting off on a whirlwind trip from San Francisco to Rome, Paris, and Monaco. But her travels reconnect her with the very same irresistible, thrill-seeking man she’s spent 30 years trying to forget.
Phosphorescence: A Memoir of Finding Joy When Your World Goes Dark by Julia Baird - Nature, New Age, Nonfiction, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

Random House | 9780593236918 | Published July 6, 2021

After surviving a difficult heartbreak and battle with cancer, acclaimed author and columnist Julia Baird began thinking deeply about how we, as people, persevere through the most challenging circumstances. She started to wonder, when we are overwhelmed by illness, loss or pain, or a tragedy outside our control: How can we keep putting one foot in front of the other? Baird went in search of the magic that fuels the light within --- our own phosphorescence. In this stunning book, she reflects on the things that lit her way through the darkness, especially the surprising strength found in connecting with nature and not just experiencing awe and wonder about the world around her, but deliberately hunting it, daily. 

Shoulder Season by Christina Clancy - Fiction, Women's Fiction

St. Martin's Press | 9781250239631 | Published July 6, 2021

Nineteen-year-old Sherri Taylor plays the organ at the local church and has never felt comfortable in her own skin. But when her parents die in quick succession, she leaves the only home she’s ever known for the chance to be part of a glamorous slice of history. In the winter of 1981, Sherri joins the daughters of dairy farmers and factory workers for the defining experience of her life. Living in the “bunny hutch” --- Playboy’s version of a college dorm --- Sherri gets her education in the joys of sisterhood, the thrill of financial independence, the magic of first love, and the heady effects of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. But as spring gives way to summer, Sherri finds herself caught in a romantic triangle --- and the tragedy that ensues will haunt her for the next 40 years.

Silver Tears by Camilla Läckberg - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Knopf | 9780525657996 | Published July 6, 2021

Faye Adelheim is wealthy beyond imagination, she is the Chairman of her self-made global cosmetics brand, and her ex-husband, the monster who killed her beloved daughter Julienne, is living out the remainder of his days behind bars. But unbeknownst to journalists, police officers, and investors, Faye has a secret: her daughter is, in fact, alive and well and so is her mother, the woman Faye’s father was sentenced for allegedly killing years ago. Together, three generations of women have survived in hiding from the men who sought to destroy them. But unfortunately for Faye, cages are meant to be opened, pillow talk can lead to betrayal, and secrets always end in tears.

Sleeping Bear: A Thriller by Connor Sullivan - Espionage, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Atria/Emily Bestler Books | 9781982166397 | Published July 6, 2021

After her young husband’s untimely death, Army veteran Cassie Gale decides to take a few days of solitude in the Alaska wilderness before she starts her new job. But when she fails to show up on her first day and her dog is discovered injured at her wrecked campsite, her father knows that this is much more than a camping trip gone awry. Regaining consciousness in a Russian prison, Cassie finds herself trapped in a system designed to ensure that no one ever escapes alive.

The 22 Murders of Madison May by Max Barry - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780593085202 | Published July 6, 2021

"I love you. In every world." Madison May is shocked when a client says these words to her. The man seems to know far too much about her, and professes his love --- shortly before he murders her. Felicity Staples hates reporting on murders. As a journalist for a midsize paper, she knows she must take on the assignment to research Madison May's shocking murder, but the crime seems random and the suspect is in the wind. Until Felicity spots the killer on the subway, right before he vanishes. Soon, Felicity senses her entire universe has shifted. Felicity realizes that in her pursuit of Madison's killer, she followed him into a different dimension. At first, she is determined to return to the reality she knows, but when Madison May is murdered again, Felicity decides she must find the killer. 

The Bone Code: A Temperance Brennan Novel by Kathy Reichs - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Scribner | 9781982139964 | Published July 6, 2021

On the way to hurricane-ravaged Isle of Palms, a barrier island off the South Carolina coast, Tempe receives a call from the Charleston coroner. The storm has tossed ashore a medical waste container. Inside are two decomposed bodies wrapped in plastic sheeting and bound with electrical wire. Tempe recognizes many of the details as identical to those of an unsolved case she handled in Quebec years earlier. Meanwhile, health authorities in South Carolina become increasingly alarmed as a human flesh-eating contagion spreads.

The Cover Wife by Dan Fesperman - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Spy Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Knopf | 9780525657835 | Published July 6, 2021

When CIA agent Claire Saylor is told that she’ll be going undercover in Hamburg to pose as the wife of an academic, she assumes the job is a punishment for past unorthodox behavior. But when she discovers her team leader is Paul Bridger, another Agency maverick, she realizes there may be more to this mission than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Mahmoud, a recent Moroccan émigré, begins to fall under the sway of a group of radicals at his local mosque. The deeper he’s drawn into the group, the greater the danger he faces, and he is soon torn between his obligations to them and his feelings toward a beautiful westernized Muslim woman. As Claire learns the truth about her mission, and Mahmoud grows closer to the radicals, the danger between them builds and spells disaster far beyond the CIA.