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Interview: Stephanie Gertler, author of The Puzzle Bark Tree

Jul 12, 2002

July 12, 2002

Author Stephanie Gertler's new book THE PUZZLE BARK TREE exposes a family secret that has devasted a family for decades. In an interview with Roberta O'Hara Gertler shares what inspired her storyline, the importance of pacing to the writing process, and her views on the morality of adultery.

Interview: Tim LaHaye, author of Left Behind #1

Jul 1, 2002

July 1, 2002

The Left Behind series, co-authored by Jerry B. Jenkins and Dr. Tim F. LaHaye, has been breaking sales records in the book industry for the past few years. Even those not familiar with the material in the books know the titles of the most recent books --- THE INDWELLING, THE MARK and DESECRATION --- each of which topped the New York Times Bestseller list for many weeks.

Interview: M.J. Rose, author of Flesh Tones

Jun 28, 2002

June 28, 2002

M. J. Rose's third novel FLESH TONES is centered in the New York art world. In this interview with's Roberta O'Hara, M. J. shares her thoughts on love, obsession, and the deeper meaning to be found in the reading experience.

Interview: Jennifer Weiner, author of Good in Bed

Jun 21, 2002

June 21, 2002

Jennifer Weiner has a refreshing sense of humor and a firm grasp on life's priorities that is reflected in her novel, GOOD IN BED, which is now available in paperback. In this interview with's Roberta O'Hara, she reveals her determination to portray the truth about the joys and heartaches of a plus size woman.

Interview: Margaret George, author of Mary, Called Magdalene

Jun 14, 2002

June 14, 2002

Margaret George is the author of several bestselling novels that explore well-known historical figures, namely Henry the VIII, Cleopatra and Mary, Queen of Scots. Her latest historical fiction MARY, CALLED MAGDALENE examines one of Catholicism's little known, yet profoundly controversial characters. In this interview with M.J. Rose, Ms. George contemplates the difficulties in integrating historic figures into fictional works, what inspires her to write, and how she approaches each novel.