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About the Book

About the Book

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories

Ten years ago, Craig Johnson wrote his first short story, the Hillerman Award-winning “Old Indian Trick.” This was one of the earliest appearances of the sheriff who would go on to star in Johnson’s bestselling, award-winning novels and the hit television series "Longmire," now streaming on Netflix. Each Christmas Eve thereafter, fans rejoiced when Johnson sent out a new short story featuring an episode in Walt’s life that doesn’t appear in the novels; over the years, many have asked why they can’t buy the stories in book form.

WAIT FOR SIGNS gives Longmire fans a chance to own these beloved stories --- and one that was published for the first time in the Viking edition --- in a single volume. With glimpses of Walt’s past from the incident in “Ministerial Aide,” when the sheriff is mistaken for a deity, to the hilarious “Messenger,” where the majority of the action takes place in a Porta-Potty, WAIT FOR SIGNS is a necessary addition to any Longmire fan’s shelf and a wonderful way to introduce new readers to the fictional world of Absaroka County, Wyoming.

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories
by Craig Johnson

  • Publication Date: October 27, 2015
  • Genres: Fiction, Short Stories
  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Books
  • ISBN-10: 0143127829
  • ISBN-13: 9780143127826