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Tiny Imperfections

About the Book

Tiny Imperfections

THE WEDDING DATE meets CLASS MOM in this delicious novel of love, money and misbehaving parents.

All's fair in love and kindergarten admissions.

At 39, Josie Bordelon's modeling career as the "it" black beauty of the '90s is far behind her. Now director of admissions at San Francisco's most sought-after private school, she's chic, single and determined to keep her 17-year-old daughter, Etta, from making the same mistakes she did.

But Etta has plans of her own --- and their beloved matriarch, Aunt Viv, has Etta's back. If only Josie could manage Etta's future as well as she manages the shenanigans of the over-anxious, over-eager parents at school --- or her best friend's attempts to coax Josie out of her sex sabbatical and back onto the dating scene.

As admissions season heats up, Josie discovers that when it comes to matters of the heart --- and the office --- the biggest surprises lie closest to home.

Tiny Imperfections
by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans