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Audrey Miller has just moved from New York City to Washington, DC, after snagging a job at the Smithsonian. Her ability to land such a coveted position was partly due to her media savvy.

Audrey has a strong online presence, especially on Instagram. She shares many aspects of her life with her faithful followers (over one million of them) --- her apartment, her job, her clothes, where she shops and eats, etc. All of this attention caught the eye of the museum director who eventually hired her. But it also has caught the eye of someone who is stalking her.

"Kathleen Barber’s fast-paced writing and short, action-filled chapters make FOLLOW ME an easy and enjoyable read."

Is this individual her ex-boyfriend, good friend and sometimes lover, Nick, who genuinely seems to care for her but has a mean streak? Is it Lawrence from work, who has been nice to her but who her female coworker calls “Lecherous Lawrence”? Is it Connor, who is Cat’s co-worker? Cat is infatuated with Connor, but Connor seems to have eyes only for Audrey. Is it Ryan, the greasy, slimy, sleazy landlady’s grandson? Is it Brandon, the son of a wealthy donor who keeps following her around at the museum? Is it Max, the charming, charismatic guy who is sweeping her off her feet? Or is it a total stranger, someone who has taken an unhealthy interest in Audrey because of her Instagram account?

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of revealing too much about our personal lives on social media. You never know who might be looking at your posts or watching your videos. This novel highlights the risks everyone faces when they become too involved in social media without taking the time to be cautious about what is shared online and how it is shared.

Kathleen Barber’s fast-paced writing and short, action-filled chapters make FOLLOW ME an easy and enjoyable read. The story is told from multiple points of view, which gives readers additional insight into the minds of the main characters.

Reviewed by Christine M. Irvin on March 20, 2020

Follow Me
by Kathleen Barber