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June 22, 2007 Newsletter

June 22, 2007

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Washington, DC Bound for Books, Not Politics

Author Talk: Holly Peterson, Author of THE MANNY Talks to Pete Hamill, Author of NORTH RIVER Talks to Carol Goodman, Author of THE SONNET LOVER

Our Summer Beach Bag Contest: Spotlight This Week on THE MANNY by Holly Peterson

So What Do YOU Think About Harry? Vote in our Harry Potter Poll to Weigh In

New Featured One to Watch Author: Jonathan Tropper, Author of HOW TO TALK TO A WIDOWER

Featured One to Watch Author: Anita Amirrezvani, Author of THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS

Featured One to Watch Author: Eileen Goudge, Author of WOMAN IN RED

Featured One to Watch Author: Adriana Bourgoin, Author of NINE MONTHS IN AUGUST

Featured One to Watch Author: Katie Roiphe, Author of UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS

Featured One to Watch Author: Brett Battles, Author of THE CLEANER

This Week's Reviews and Features

Poll and Question of the Week: Vacation Books and the "Big Book" of Summer

Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading --- TWO Prizes!

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Washington, DC Bound for Books, Not Politics

When we left off last week I was headed to Texas. I had forgotten my own advice about not flying at night during the summer because of the travel delays that are precipitated by thunderstorms and found myself stuck for hours going both ways. There is only one way to beat this --- a good book to escape with. I had this week's Beach Bag title with me --- THE MANNY --- and I found myself happily ignoring those ominous announcements that go something like "In 39 minutes we will move into position and will be number 22 for takeoff!" Instead I read --- and laughed --- a lot.

Every once in a while I read a book and I hear a line from a song that gets stuck in my head and I think, THAT really sums up this book. For this one it was a line from a not-so-famous Paul Simon song called "The Rhythm of the Saints." You know the album, but trust me, you may not know this song or this line: "Fashion is rich people waving at the door." I had that song cued on my iPod and I listened a few times as I was reading because this IS a story of rich people, fashion and life in a part of New York where people do think life begins and ends. We have an interview with the author, Holly Peterson, this week, and we have a beach bag I had great fun pulling together. I am going back to get one of those 10-game sets for myself!

I confess I am addicted to technology. Seriously. Years ago I owned the precursor to the Walkman, which was something called Astraltunes that I wore when I skied. It was a tapedeck in a padded case that you wore on your chest with headphones that were under your neck like a stethoscope. If you fell, the sheer weight of this thing could break your ribs. I had a cell phone that was like a little suitcase that you carried. I have a closet full of relics like this all because I love tech things. I now love my Blackberry AND my cell phone. Thus, when a link to an online game came across my desk that talked about tech addictions that are part of the storyline of HOOKED, the pop thriller that we are reviewing this week, I HAD to play. I scored a 33. I thought it would have been 93! Seriously. See how YOU score by clicking here and trying it out for yourself.

Karin Slaughter wrote this week and told me about a contest on her site. I always enjoy Karin's books and quickly clicked to see what she was up to since she mentioned it involved knitting. Okay, you have to check this out. She is running a knitting contest on her site where people are going to make a Jeffrey Dahmer Boiled Wool Book Bag or a Ted Bundy Knit Hat. I kid you not. Those of you who have read Karin's books were not expecting cuddly sweaters with lambs or bunnies, were you? Complete details are here. For the record, Karin does NOT knit. Her new book, BEYOND REACH, will be in stores July 31st.

This week I finished Eileen Goudge's WOMAN IN RED. I love stories where there are lots of woven plot lines, and this one definitely treated me to that. I closed it thinking how well it all came together. I then started our new One to Watch featured title, HOW TO TALK TO A WIDOWER, by Jonathan Tropper. He has an honest dry wit that I love, a brisk style and characters who will stick in your head. Fun reading. We have 10 copies to give away to those who want to read and comment. To enter, send your name and mailing address to by Friday, June 29th.

As most of you know, there's a book with this guy named Harry Potter hitting stores on July 21st. You might have heard about it. We're curious if you are counting the minutes to its release, whether you are going to the new movie, and a whole lot more. We have a special poll on all things Harry running on, and Weigh in! By the way, I was quoted in USA Today on Thursday saying that the convergence of book and movie "will only build excitement."

A few years ago I read LAUGHING ALLEGRA, a wonderfully written memoir by Anne Ford about raising her daughter, Allegra, who had a number of learning disabilities. Her honesty about the challenges of raising a child with LD struck a chord with me, and over the past years I have found myself recommending it to many parents. In her new book, ON THEIR OWN: Creating an Independent Future for Your Adult Child with Learning Disabilities and ADHDshe looks at life for children AFTER school ends.

While this is the time of year when graduations mean new beginnings and independence, scores of kids graduate from high school or college with their learning disability challenges following them into the workforce and throughout their lives in both social and work situations. Ford takes a look at life when your children are on their own --- but still dependent --- with a frank and open voice that will leave parents empowered. On Thursday, June 28th, "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" will air a special report in their weekly "Making a Difference" segment, highlighting Anne Ford and her new book. It's a segment worth watching, and it's a book worth reading.

The boys and I are headed to Washington, DC today where they are touring and I am attending the American Library Association convention. We're looking forward to this as our official kickoff of summer. We have a full roster for each evening, including one of my favorite DC pastimes --- late-night monument runs. I loathe crowds, so this is something I really enjoy! I hope Greg is up for driving as I have books to read and knitting to do. You know the line...pages to go before I sleep....

Have a great week. Read something good.  

Carol Fitzgerald (


Author Talk: Holly Peterson, Author of THE MANNY

Holly Peterson's debut novel, THE MANNY, gives readers an inside peek into the lives of Manhattan's elite, including the new trend of hiring "mannies" to care for their children. In this interview, Peterson describes the very real circumstances that inspired her to write this fictional story and shares her opinion on why the seemingly unconventional idea of male caregivers is rising in popularity among families of all economic backgrounds. She also explains how she is able to juggle her career in magazines with writing novels and spending time with her husband and children, and offers advice to other harried mothers on how to balance work and family life.

THE MANNY by Holly Peterson (Fiction)
This summer’s "most hyped, must-have" beach read is THE MANNY, a debut novel by former ABC News producer Holly Peterson. It’s a cross between THE NANNY DIARIES and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, with plenty of fashion worries, lively sex and shallow socializing. Underneath the light plot is a more sober running commentary about the superficial lives of the richer-than-rich, the inability of money to solve relationship problems and mid-life musings on what’s most important. Reviewed by Cindy Crosby.

-Click here to read a review of THE MANNY.
here to read an excerpt from THE MANNY.

Click here to read an interview with Holly Peterson. Talks to Pete Hamill, Author of NORTH RIVER

In this interview with's Tom Callahan, author, essayist and journalist Pete Hamill discusses the lost New York of the 1930s that he captures in his latest novel, NORTH RIVER, and describes the extensive research he performed --- as well as his reliance on memories and family stories --- to bring that period to life. He also comments on some of the social and political parallels that are present between the Depression era and today, and explains how this "love story for grownups" differs from typical sentimental romances.

NORTH RIVER by Pete Hamill (Historical Fiction)
Bestselling author Pete Hamill sets this tough love story in the Depression-ravished and war-haunted streets of lower Manhattan in the 1930s. In vivid detail, he brings alive the neighborhood beside the North River, better known today as the Hudson River. Reviewed by Tom Callahan. 

-Click here to read a review of NORTH RIVER.
-Click here to read an excerpt from NORTH RIVER.

Click here to read our interview with Pete Hamill. Talks to Carol Goodman, Author of THE SONNET LOVER

Carol Goodman is the author of five works of fiction: THE LAKE OF DEAD LANGUAGES, THE SEDUCTION OF WATER, THE DROWNING TREE, THE GHOST ORCHID and the newly released THE SONNET LOVER. In this interview with's Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum, Goodman reveals how she was inspired to explore the identity of Shakespeare's mysterious "Dark Lady" and describes what intrigues her most about the Bard’s famous sonnets. She also discusses the symbolism of her characters' names, explains how much research and travel was involved in writing this novel, and sheds light on how she chooses to use imagery in her work.

THE SONNET LOVER by Carol Goodman (Fiction)
Did Shakespeare have a lover? Did they meet? Did she write sonnets to him? These questions are at the heart of Carol Goodman’s newest novel, in which the author combines murder and myth and love unrequited, played out with a cast of finely limned characters, each with an agenda of his or her own. Reviewed by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum.

-Click here to read a review of THE SONNET LOVER.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE SONNET LOVER.

Click here to read our interview with Carol Goodman.


Our Summer Beach Bag Contest: Spotlight This Week on THE MANNY by Holly Peterson

Every week from May 18th through August 24th a different title in the Beach Bag of Books promotion will be featured with a review and contest prize --- a beach bag stocked with that book, plus summertime essentials that tie in to its theme. Five FABULOUS beach bags will be given away each week, as well as five copies of the book to additional winners.

Our sixth spotlighted title is THE MANNY by Holly Peterson. It's the story of a Park Avenue working mom who desperately needs a male role model for her troubled son, who cannot get the attention of her power workaholic husband. So who does she hire to help? A “manny," a male nanny. What happens from there is a story that makes a great beach read. In a beige and orange Escada beach bag, we have a colorful orange towel with a flower applique, a Family 10 Game Center with games to keep everyone happy, cocktail mixes for more than a week's worth of relaxing cocktails, star-shaped bath confetti, assorted tropical-flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans, and for a touch of bling glitzy handmade shoe and matching purse stickers. We have five to give away, as well as five additional prizes of copies of THE MANNY. 

To enter to win, answer the question below:

What do the four Philippina nurses have on their nurse's shirts? 

You can find the answer by reading an excerpt here.

Send your answer to the question above, along with your name and snail mail address, to by Thursday, June 28th at 11:59PM.


Click here to read all the details of our Summer Beach Bag Contest.


So What Do YOU Think About Harry? Vote in our Harry Potter Poll to Weigh In

In anticipation of the July 21st release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, we at would like to get your thoughts on the seventh and final book, the film adaptation of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX (in theaters July 11th) and the series overall.

We also are running a Harry Potter poll for teens on (tell the teens you know to go vote here) and for kids on (tell the kids you know to go vote here).

Click here to participate in our Harry Potter Poll!


New Featured One to Watch Author: Jonathan Tropper, Author of HOW TO TALK TO A WIDOWER

Jonathan Tropper has earned wild acclaim --- and comparisons to Nick Hornby and Tom Perrotta --- for his biting humor and insightful portrayals of families in crisis and men behaving badly. Now the acclaimed author of THE BOOK OF JOE and EVERYTHING CHANGES tackles love, lust and loss in the suburbs in HOW TO TALK TO WIDOWER, a stunning novel that is by turns heartfelt and riotously funny. It releases on July 17th.

We have 10 copies of HOW TO TALK TO A WIDOWER to share with readers who would like to read the book and comment about it. Write us at with your name and mailing address by Friday, June 29th to enter.

Doug Parker is a widower at age twenty-nine, and in his quiet suburban town, that makes him something of a celebrity --- the object of sympathy, curiosity, and, in some cases, unbridled desire. But Doug has other things on his mind. First there's his sixteen year-old stepson, Russ: a once-sweet kid who gets into increasingly serious trouble on a daily basis. Then there are Doug's sisters: his bossy twin, Claire, who's just left her husband and moved in with Doug, determined to rouse him from his grieving stupor. And Debbie, who's engaged to Doug's ex-best friend and maniacally determined to pull off the perfect wedding at any cost.

Soon Doug's entire nuclear family is in his face. And when he starts dipping his toes into the shark-infested waters of the second-time-around dating scene, it isn't long before his new life is spinning hopelessly out of control, cutting a harrowing and often hilarious swath of sexual missteps and escalating chaos across the suburban landscape.

Click here to read more about Jonathan Tropper and HOW TO TALK TO A WIDOWER.

Featured One to Watch Author: Anita Amirrezvani, Author of THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS

An author who we have our eye on as one to watch is Anita Amirrezvani, whose book THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS is now in stores.

-Click here to read a review of THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS.
-Click here to read critical praise for THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS.
-Click here to read Anita Amirrezvani's bio.
-Click here to see the readers who were selected to read the book.

In 17th-century Persia, a 14-year-old woman believes she will be married within the year. But when her beloved father dies, she and her mother find themselves alone and without a dowry. With nowhere else to go, they are forced to sell the brilliant turquoise rug the young woman has woven to pay for their journey to Isfahan, where they will work as servants for her uncle, a rich rug designer in the court of the legendary Shah Abbas the Great.

Despite her lowly station, the young woman blossoms as a brilliant designer of carpets, a rarity in a craft dominated by men. But while her talent flourishes, her prospects for a happy marriage grow dim. Forced into a secret marriage to a wealthy man, the young woman finds herself faced with a daunting decision: forsake her own dignity, or risk everything she has in an effort to create a new life.

Click here to read more about Anita Amirrezvani and THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS.


Featured One to Watch Author: Eileen Goudge, Author of WOMAN IN RED

Another author to watch is New York Times bestselling author Eileen Goudge, who has written WOMAN IN RED, a powerful story of love and redemption and what one woman will do to overcome the buried secrets of her past.

-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read an excerpt from WOMAN IN RED.
-Click here to read critical praise for WOMAN IN RED.
-Click here to read Eileen Goudge's bio.
-Click here to see Eileen Goudge's backlist. 

More about WOMAN IN RED:
Alice Kessler spent nine years in prison for the attempted murder of the drunk driver who killed her son. Now she’s returned home to Gray’s Island to reconnect with the son she left behind. Her boy, Jeremy, now a sullen teenager, is wrongly accused of rape, and mother and son are thrown together in a desperate attempt to prove his innocence. She’s aided by Colin McGinty, a recovering alcoholic and 9/11 widower, also recently returned to the island in the aftermath of his grandfather’s death. Colin’s grandfather, a famous artist, is best known for his haunting portrait, “Woman in Red,” which happens to be of Alice’s grandmother.

In a tale that weaves the past with the present, we come to know the story behind the portrait, of the forbidden wartime romance between William McGinty and Eleanor Styles, and the deadly secret that bound them more tightly than even their love for each other. A secret that, more than half a century later, is about to be unburied, as Alice and Colin are drawn into a fragile romance of their own and the ghost of an enemy from long ago surfaces in the form of his grandson, the very man responsible for sending Alice to prison.

Click here to read more about Eileen Goudge and WOMAN IN RED.


Featured One to Watch Author: Adriana Bourgoin, Author of NINE MONTHS IN AUGUST

Adriana Bourgoin's superbly insightful debut, NINE MONTHS IN AUGUST --- which is now available in stores --- captures the crushing fears, exhilarating joys and ceaseless surprises of one woman’s passage to motherhood.

-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read a new excerpt from NINE MONTHS IN AUGUST.
-Click here to read Adriana Bourgoin's bio.

Gretchen Fox is a planner and list-maker by nature, perfectly suited to her job as a hotel catering manager. And in her cautious, look-before-you-leap way, Gretchen was waiting until the time was absolutely perfect before she had a baby.

Her body, however, had other ideas. Now Gretchen is discovering what a big difference a little blue line can make --- to her marriage, her career, and her state of mind. As Gretchen spends sleepless nights pondering all the reasons she’s not ready to become a mother, she starts to question every other area of her life too. Even her relationship with Meredith and Louisa, her closest friends since their days together at Smith College, undergoes a sudden, dramatic shift.

As she’s inducted into a new world of anti-motion sickness wristbands, emergency supplies of ginger ale, and hormone fueled crying jags, Gretchen realizes that all the planning in the world couldn’t have prepared her for the wonderful, extraordinary journey that lies ahead…

Click here to read more about Adriana Bourgoin and NINE MONTHS IN AUGUST.


Featured One to Watch Author: Katie Roiphe, Author of UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS

Katie Roiphe's previous books include THE MORNING AFTER, LAST NIGHT IN PARADISE and a novel, STILL SHE HAUNTS ME. In her latest, UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS --- which goes on sale June 26th --- she explores seven unconventional Edwardian marriages and the crises that occured in each of them.

-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read a new excerpt from UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS.
-Click here to read Katie Roiphe's bio.
-Click here to see Katie Roiphe's backlist.
-Click here to read critical praise for UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS.

Katie Roiphe’s stimulating work has made her one of the most talked about cultural critics of her generation. Now this bracing young writer delves deeply into one of the most layered of subjects: marriage. Drawn in part from the private memoirs, personal correspondence, and long-forgotten journals of the British literary community from 1910 to the Second World War, here are seven "marriages a la mode" --- each rising to the challenge of intimate relations in more or less creative ways.

Every chapter revolves around a crisis that occurred in each of these marriages --- as serious as life-threatening illness or as seemingly innocuous as a slightly tipsy dinner table conversation --- and how it was resolved…or not resolved. In these portraits, Roiphe brilliantly evokes what are, as she says, "the fluctuations and shifts in attraction, the mysteries of lasting affection, the endurance and changes in love, and the role of friendship in marriage." The deeper mysteries at stake in all relationships.

Click here to read more about Katie Roiphe and UNCOMMON ARRANGEMENTS.


Featured One to Watch Author: Brett Battles, Author of THE CLEANER

Brett Battles's debut novel, THE CLEANER, is a furiously paced thriller that marks the beginning of a series featuring Jonathan Quinn, a freelance operative and a professional "cleaner" whose job it is to dispose of bodies and tie up loose ends. The book will be in stores on June 26th.

-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read a new excerpt from THE CLEANER.
-Click here to read Brett Battles's bio.

More about THE CLEANER:
Meet Jonathan Quinn: a freelance operative with a take-no-prisoners style and the heart of a loner. His job? Professional "cleaner." Nothing too violent, just disposing of bodies, doing a little cleanup if necessary. But in Brett Battles’s electrifying debut novel, Quinn’s latest assignment will change everything, igniting a harrowing journey of violence, betrayal, and revenge.

The job seemed simple enough: investigating a suspicious case of arson. But when a dead body turns up where it doesn’t belong --- and Quinn’s handlers at "the Office" turn strangely silent --- he knows he’s in over his head. With only a handful of clues, Quinn scrambles for cover, struggling to find out why someone wants him dead...and if it’s linked to a larger attempt to wipe out the Office.

Quinn’s only hope may be Orlando, a woman from his past who’s reluctant to help but who may hold the key to solving the case. Suddenly the two are prying into old crimes, crisscrossing continents, struggling to stay alive long enough to unbury the truth. But as the hunt intensifies, Quinn is stunned by what he uncovers: a chilling secret...and a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy --- with an almost unimaginable goal.

Click here to read more about Brett Battles and THE CLEANER.


This Week's Reviews and Features

LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN: A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich (Mystery)
Stephanie Plum is in deep trouble, as she is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of her philandering ex-husband, Dickie Orr. It all started when she reluctantly agreed to do a favor for Ranger, who asked her to plant a bug on Dickie so they could track his suspicious activities. Reviewed by Roz Shea.

-Click here to read an excerpt from LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN. 

THE GRAVEDIGGER'S DAUGHTER by Joyce Carol Oates (Fiction)

Following a life of heartbreak and violence, Rebecca, the gravedigger's daughter, embarks on an odyssey of self-invention and self-discovery as she struggles to recover from the horrors of her past. Joyce Carol Oates's latest book is a grittily realistic, densely told novel that is sure to extend her reputation as one of the great American writers. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

-Click here to read an excerpt from THE GRAVEDIGGER'S DAUGHTER. 

HOOKED: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions by Matt Richtel (Thriller)

Many novels are born of provocative ideas, but it’s rare that a writer has the credentials to be taken seriously as an authority on those ideas. Matt Richtel, however, has been covering technology and telecommunications for the New York Times from the San Francisco bureau since 2000. Written as a subtle commentary on the hold technology has over us, HOOKED contains short, fast-paced chapters that mirror the burst of information, stimulation, action and attitude we experience digitally and electronically. Reviewed by Maggie Harding.

-Click here to read an excerpt from HOOKED.
-For more, visit the official website of TWELVE,  

THE SHADOW CATCHER by Marianne Wiggins (Fiction)
Marianne Wiggins looks at the life of Edward Sheriff Curtis, the legendary photographer of Native American tribes post-Custer, and compares his journey with that of her own father, who left the family behind on a similar search for personal freedom when she was a young child. Reviewed by Jana Siciliano. 

TOO LATE TO SAY GOODBYE: A True Story of Murder and Betrayal by Ann Rule (True Crime)

In 2004, Jenn Corbin was found dead with a bullet in her head. It appeared to be a suicide, though her family couldn’t believe she would take her own life. Was this tragedy related to another apparent suicide 14 years earlier --- that of dental student Dolly Hearn? Ann Rule uses extensive interviews to uncover the truth behind the headlines of these two sensational deaths. Reviewed by Stuart Shiffman. 

BANGKOK HAUNTS by John Burdett (Mystery)
While watching a snuff film that was sent to him anonymously, Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep notices that the person dying before his disbelieving eyes is a woman with whom he had carried on a brief dalliance. He soon comes to the realization that this killing was not an act; the murder portrayed in the movie was genuine and performed live in front of the cameras. Reviewed by Roz Shea. 

JESUS OUT TO SEA: Stories by James Lee Burke (Fiction/Short Stories)
In this moving collection of short stories, James Lee Burke combines his flair for gripping storytelling with his lyrical writing style and complex, fascinating character portraits. The backdrop of the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast is a versatile setting for Burke's stories, which cover the scope of the human experience --- from love and sex to domestic abuse to war, death and friendship. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub. 

ACACIA: Book One – The War with the Mein by David Anthony Durham (Fantasy)
Leodan Akaran has inherited generations of apparent peace and prosperity, presiding over an empire called Acacia. But a deadly assassin sent from a race called the Mein strikes at Leodan in the heart of Acacia while they unleash surprise attacks across the empire. Leodan’s children begin a quest to avenge their father's death and restore the Acacian empire --- this time on the basis of universal freedom. Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard. 

THE WOUNDED AND THE SLAIN by David Goodis (Thriller)

With their marriage on the rocks, James and Cora Bevan fly to Jamaica for one last chance at patching things up. But in the slums of Kingston, James finds himself fighting for his life --- while Cora finds her own path to destruction, in the arms of another man. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

Read this week's reviews and features here.


Poll and Question of the Week: Vacation Books and the "Big Book" of Summer


For a week's vacation how many books would you pack?


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Besides HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, what do you think will be remembered as the "BIG BOOK" of summer 2007?

-Click here to answer our Question of the Week.

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