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Mother's Day Blogs 2010

Geraldine Neidenbach took extra special care to be sure her daughter, Jennifer, avoided any middle-child syndrome by scheduling daily reading sessions for the two of them. Those special dates paid off as Jennifer is now the bestselling author of the Elm Creek Quilts series.
After some discouraging remarks from a teacher, Cathleen Schine thought her writing days were over. Mom knew better. Here Shirley Schine Carlin shares how she helped her daughter through a writing rough patch as well as the animal-themed stories that were a big hit in the household.
Carolyn and Lisa See both love the craft of writing and write 1,000 words a day. They are each other’s best support team and reading this piece you will see the special bond that they have between them because they respect each other as writers, not just as mother and daughter. How did you feel when you learned Lisa wanted to write a book?
Ron Howard and his production team have secured the rights to Stephen King's epic Western/sci-fic mashup Dark Tower series. The Guardian ranks the top 10 best love stories of all time.
Kathy Reichs left her career as a professor of anthropology to focus on writing. She is now the author of the bestselling Bones series, which was adapted into a successful program on FOX. Her daughter Kerry followed suit, leaving a law career to write full time. Now the two frequently travel and host events together. Below, Kathy and Kerry on the set of "Bones."
Most kids excitedly search for the pool on vacation, Amanda Eyre Ward sought out the library. Here, Amanda’s mother recalls her daughter’s voracious appetite for books and her early works as middle school poet. Did you read to your daughter as a child? What did you read?
Realizing that without each other their story was half a memoir, this mother and daughter wrote their book together. Through pulling together their words and later talking about them they learned from each other and grew closer --- and through their words they have offered this same experience to others.  
April 26, 2010

Meet Joy Hudler, Ad Hudler's Mom

Posted by Anonymous
It took Joy Hudler a little while to get her son, Ad, reading but once he started, he couldn't stop. After devouring a salacious series about stewardesses, Ad turned toward more traditional fare, eventually authoring four novels, countless magazine features and maintaining a highly-trafficked blog. Did you read to your son as a child?
All daughters know that sometimes moms do not remember things quite the same way that they do. Thus, Lisa Gardner shares her own take on her mom’s comments with us --- and it all makes for good reading.  Did you read to your daughter as a child? What did you read? Yes, I read to my daughter as a child. I don’t remember any specific books.
Writing is a lonely job, but writing together makes it a lot less so. Read on to find out how P.J. and Traci Lambrecht (writing together as P.J. Tracy) started and how their writing style –-- and work habits --- work for them. Their latest thriller, SHOOT TO THRILL, hits stores April 29th.